Friday, February 8, 2013

It Is Not Always Diabetes Fault!

I use this product currently

In December I was reading other blogs and came across this post at YumYucky's post on how to get chin hairs to stop growing. I also went to this post titled Mineral Oil: A Toxic Evil Lurking in Your Beauty Products.

Let me tell you I have suffered from hair growth on my face for many many years!! When I was a child it was so bad that Mom would take me to the doctor to see what they could do for it. The only thing they suggested was high estrogen. Well, the only thing that came from that is cysts in my ovaries NOT the answer I wanted!

I have continued to suffer this condition, but what is worse than the black pokie hairs on my chin and lip is the itch that I had developed the last 4 years on my upper lip and top of throat. It was terrible! The dermatologist said it was part of my Diabetes being an auto immune disease. Well, the doctors like to blame everything on the Diabetes! To help reduce the itch I was taking Allergy pills every single day, even sometimes before bed until about 4 weeks ago.

What has changed you ask? Josie's solution for chin hairs has also resolved that terrible itching! I have never been a person that cared what a product had in it when I put conditioner or moisturizer on my face. To me I just used what I thought was the best for my severely dry skin. Now I know there is truth to why you shouldn't put chemicals on your body!

Now my chin hairs and mustache haven't gone away at all like Josie's, but I can deal with that compared to the terrible itching I had!

I buy Raw Shea Butter at Earth Fare in their Natural products isle. I know you can order it online too if your not sure where Natural products are sold in your area. Also, I buy from Etsy JillsNaturalSoaps I buy the Shampoo Bar and the Vanilla Lotion Bar. These products ROCK!

Daisy Shaped Lotion Bar
I have been using the Shampoo Bar for about a year now or longer. My hair dresser is very upset with me I use to get my hair colored every 4 to 7 weeks and now its been since Thanksgiving! She will ask me when I go into the salon “is that my hair color still?” I reply “YEP!” She said “I need money to survive Sheri!” LOL! She knows I completely believe its from using the no chemical Shampoo Bar.  

I think there is so much merit to know what you are eating as well as know what your putting on your skin before buying it. Over time you don't know what that chemical is going to do to you or the repercussions of it.

What are you using on your skin? Have you ever thought it mattered before?

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  1. I'm so happy for you Sheri! This is amazing news! woohoo!!!

  2. Thanks for the information, Sheri! I will definitely check this out. I have so many skin allergies, that I won't even let hair conditioner touch my scalp. I just use it on the outside layer of my hair and rinse carefully.

    So these pesky beauty issues aren't just yours, I have some major ones too. Thanks so much for sharing this. The less strange chemicals in my beauty products the better.

    :-) Marion

  3. My hairs are all over my face but did not show up till perimenopause into menopause so I know they are directly related to hormone changes. I did try the all natural shea butter but it is too much for my face areas for sure - breaks me out but I do use on my lips. I will have to check that shampoo bar though! :)

    My skin has so many age related hormone issues that I have found nothing yet that helps - still trying stuff - UGH with this age! ;)


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