Monday, February 25, 2013

Protect Your Program at All Cost

"No one will ever care as much about your diet plan as YOU.  So it's YOUR job to prevent people or events from pulling you off track." ~ Linda Spangle 100 Days of Weight Loss

Her point:

Instead of depending on others to help you be successful with your diet, make a commitment that you will protect your program at all costs!

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All of us have been through a lot this time of year. Whether it be dinner parties, friends and get togethers, work treats being brought into the office. We've been tempted, we've been pressured or just down right scorned from not trying any of the food.

Linda Spangle in Day 6 recommends that the best way to brush off the "food pusher" is to say when someone asks you to eat "not right now, maybe later." I can see how that would work. She also says not to discuss your diet plan with anyone, in situations like get togethers and parties the last thing they want is to feel "guilty" for eating something so if you discuss your diet they might push pack and in the end you might feel beat down and discouraged and go ahead and partake with them.

For me I don't work that way. I am strong and will tell you "bug off its not worth the poison it gives" or "mind your own business". I can get out of situations with no problems now after 4 years of doing it. I run into problems when I go home and then I want to eat in secret.

....nothing is worth going off your program and she's right!

Excerpts from The Motivational Girl are protected by copyright and used here by permission of The Motivational Girl, 2013.


  1. I have found that I just have to say no outright because a true food pusher doesn't stop! At least the ones I know.

  2. Uh oh. You've just made me realize that I'm (sorta) guilty of being a food pusher at family events. Gotta be more mindful of that.

  3. LOVE your attitude! I just say no & explain that I just prefer to eat a certain way. Most know this about me anyway - lucky for me. If it gets touchy, I just say that I have to be careful with a lot of food cause my tummy freaks out to certain foods - that is only if the person will not back off... but most of the time I just stick to what is right for me & people accept it... :)

  4. Yes, weight management is a very personal thing. The more I ignored what my family was eating and made my own mind up about food, the better I did.

    :-) Marion

  5. After I learned to say no to my grandmother, the rest of them all are easy!

  6. There is a mind body connection and in my opinion to be in top shape and in top health requires not just physical but mental well being also. Its all about attitude.


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