Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disillusioned or Truth?

Over Christmas I went to my brother's house this year. It was a lot of fun! We only got to spend 24 hours there wish we had more time, but he had to work and there was a blizzard coming our way.

I was sitting with my sister-in-law, nephew and niece at the kitchen table talking and we got on the topic of me when I was younger. I think I mentioned how fat I always was even as a kid and my sister-in-law said “Sheri you were never fat when I knew you.” I challenged her, I said “oh yes I was, I had a few times during my childhood where I'd lose weight and gain it back again.

I am #44 I am taller than the coach! 
Well, low and behold she went out and got all the high school yearbooks! LOL! I threw all of mine out long time ago. Anyways, we started looking in the books for me. It was a lot of fun! What shocked me was she was right, I was not fat! Every High School picture from Freshmen to Senior I was thin and not only that yours truly was on the girls Basketball team.

This is pretty scary for me to think of myself so fat, but in actuality I wasn't. Jill was right, it really started after high school. I do remember going to College and gaining about 20 pounds and then losing that weight working out real hard on the Firm workout. Remember that DVD? Best workout I remember, no way could I do it now though sadly.

If I am really honest with myself and look back it wasn't until I was on my own until my weight ballooned out of control. My Mom provided me with healthy meals every day for 18 years, I was a child that played in soccer, volleyball, basketball, kickball and ran all around the neighborhood. Yeah I had baby fat, but I was not fat.

Many times Mom caught me with sneaking cookies from the cupboard and got after me because she was cooking dinner. I had the “love of eating” back then that is for sure, but she helped control it.

I guess my point here is try not to be disillusioned with what you think you know verses the truth. Perhaps the simple truth is we all need that person in our lives that provide truth and love. For me it was my Mom that provided the healthy meals, portioned sized meals and helped control my snacking. She did it with love, not nagging or screaming. 

What would happen if our spouse would become that person? How would I handle it? Probably not so good, no one likes being told not to do something right? But if they did it in love and kindness perhaps that would be okay? Hmm, don't know, just thought I'd share it!   

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  1. I think many are disillusioned with the truth and reality. My weight also swirled out of control from overweight to obese when I got married. I was overweight for most part of my life. Thus this big urge in me to never be that again.

  2. I was short and fat and there was no hiding it in school where I was one of two overweight girls. When I look at kids in school today and see how obese they are, I realize I was merely fat. My 180 pounds would have been considered okay in today's HS and I would not have been THE fat girl.

  3. Hi Sheri! This exact situation happened to me! I was called "fat" by a mean brother nearly every day of my childhood. So I believed that and told my children that I had always been fairly fat. But when they saw a full length photo of me, much like the one you show above, my daughter said to me, "Mom, you weren't fat at all!" And when I looked at it from her viewpoint, my whole perception changed! It was true! I was probably a size 9 (80's version of size 9, which is probably a size 7 now) in the photo. Yes, I still had a lot of baby face in the photo, meaning that my face had big apple cheeks instead of being angular. That might have also confused me, beyond being called "fat" all of the time.

    And this knowledge changed how I felt about myself. It reached backward into time and straightened some thoughts out, if you know what I mean.

    So thanks for putting this post up. So interesting, and one more way that we connect and understand each other. :D

    That is a very cute H.S. photo of you, btw.

    :-) Marion

  4. Pretty interesting Sheri - what we think we see & reality.. I think many of us still do it. I thought I was HUGE! I was fat but not obese as a kid but I thought & felt obese...

    Thank you for sharing & making us think!

  5. Interesting! I was overweight as a child, but not as fat as I thought I was. I know now that *I* have to be "that person" and the best way to do it is to be that person at the grocery store. If it's not in the house, it won't go in my mouth. ;-)

  6. Our perception of ourselves is always different than how others perceive us. And when we start thinking a certain way it's easy for those thoughts to take over. I'm glad you got to see the pictures. So awesome that you were on the basketball team!


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