Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 2 ~ Committed or Interested?

"Decide that you will always be committed to your weight-loss plan, not just interested." ~ Linda Spangle 100 Days of Weight Loss

Even though I have lost my weight and have kept it off. Its still a challenge. I still have to be committed to my plan every single day. I have to sacrifice times out with family or friends because I already ate out too many times that week. I continue to eat how #Nutrisystem taught on plan, but eating real food.  I never eat at fast food or buy candy bars like I use too.

Committed means adopting a "no matter what" attitude, then convincing yourself you can stay with your goals regardless of your daily challenges.

Today part of my new assignment for myself of reading the 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle is to do one thing to demonstrate my commitment. I can list a couple, so here it goes.
  1. Instead of a Venti size Skinny Latte I bought a tall.
  2. Ate 1/2 my lunch and ordered sauce on the side.
  3. Bypassed the idea of going to Earth Fare to get a delicious Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie. Instead come home and drink a 25 calorie Hot Chocolate.
So, I have demonstrated to myself that I am committed to my weight loss goals even 4 1/2 years after losing my weight.

What about you? Are you interested or are you committed to your weight loss goals?

Excerpts from The Motivational Girl are protected by copyright and used here by permission of The Motivational Girl, 2013.


  1. You know I have committed & done it & continue to do it even with the sacrifices.. it is worth it! Congrats Sheri!! LOVE THAT QUOTE!!!!

  2. I committed to losing weight almost nine and a half years ago. I lost 56 pounds to bet to my goal but, unfortunately, because of a breakdown and depression, I have gained weight again. It is a vicious circle because the weight gain leaves me feeling depressed and then I turn to food for comfort. I need this kind of advice to help me get back to my goal weight which I know is achievable. Thank you.

    1. Your right it is a vicious cycle and it takes effort every day to make the right decisions. Its do able though, if I can do it anyone can!

  3. Sheri, SO TRUE. Does not mean that now that I have lost the weight, I can just let go. Nope! I need to stay committed and what you say is so true.


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