Monday, July 2, 2012

What You Should Know About Sugar Alcohols

Since I found out I was Type 1 diabetic back in 2001, I would always buy "no-sugar added" or "sugar-free" products because it was "less carbohydrates".

First if you aren't a diabetic you might not know this, but a carbohydrate is a "sugar".  Yes, that includes bread and potatoes.  Whether you eat whole grain or the unbleached white flour.  In our world that is important because depending on which you choose will affect your blood sugar, but in different ways.  For example, if I eat a piece of white bread that has (unbleached white flower) that will turn to sugar faster in my blood stream  leaving me with a nasty blood sugar reading and a head filled with fog and drowsiness.

Now if I choose to eat a whole grain piece of bread instead, it will still convert to sugar, but it will not turn to sugar as fast as unbleached white flour.  This will leave me with less of a spike in blood sugar and feeling a lot less foggy.

OK, I am not a medical professional, but that is what I know as a Diabetic.

Now what you may not know is that "no sugar added" or "sugar-free" foods still turn to sugar!  Yes, just because I use Splenda or Nutrisweet (which I don't, but that is not for this post); doesn't mean I can eat a bunch of it without affecting my blood sugars.  You must account for those "sugar alcohols"!

The Joslin Diabetes Center wrote up a very good article regarding this in which I am going to share here.  If you cook for a Diabetic, or if you know someone who is a Diabetic this will give you more knowledge to help them.  Don't ever say to them "isn't that sugar-free and you can eat as much of it as you want?" That person might not know any better and say "well, maybe I can" not only is that detrimental to their blood sugar, but their weight will increase.

Now onto the article.

Source: What Your Should Know About Sugar Alcohols

Did you know that Sugar Alcohols converted to sugar and it raised your blood sugar?  Did this help you better understand the Diabetic in your life or to help you better understand your disease?

My goal is to educate all Diabetics and others in the world that may not have it!  If you learned something here, please share it!

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