Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Type 1 Feeling Shafted

Sometimes I get frustrated because we always hear about Type 2 Diabetes and the cause is from being overweight. We hear it on the news regularly and on the internet. While its true Type 2 Diabetes shows up in overweight individuals, that isn't the case for Type 1 diabetics.

The other day while I was at the Ophthalmologist getting my yearly eye exams for my Diabetes, the nurse said something very sweet to me. We were going over my history and when she saw that I was a diabetic she said “Oh my! You do not look like a diabetic!

I at first was startled and flattered, but then I was a little sad about the misconception people have about this terrible disease.

I already posted about the differences between the two diseases, you can find that here

I really just want to point out that you can get diabetes without being overweight. I've known plenty of “pre-diabetics” that were thin, but still had higher blood sugars and needed to get it under control before it became full blown.

Sometimes I feel shafted, Type 1 is usually never discussed nor do you hear about any research being done. I have read a lot regarding it and some research usually stating how they are puzzled as to why our auto-immune system kills off our own pancreas, but no solutions.

Maybe if they'd stop focusing on the “why” and started focusing on changing the way this nation feeds themselves that would be a start? Perhaps our bodies kill off its beta cells because of some poisonous food we eat like “high fructose corn syrup” or the coloring in the foods just to make it look nutritious? Or what about those “natural flavors” you see advertised on labels, what is that all about?

Now I am no scientist I do not know if its truly poison, but I do know enough about it that it is bad for us. I ate this stuff most of my life except for the the meals my Mom made growing up, she'd always use natural foods and she'd try to have us eat vegetables regularly.  The problem came in when I just snacked on crap!  

Perhaps if our country eliminated selling these man made products and to start teaching people about nutrition we would finally start getting healthy? 

I for one am not holding my breath on that to occur its time we put our health into our own hands and just do it! People ask me how do you lose weight? The short of it eat less and exercise regularly. There are no shortcuts! Its hard work and it takes time and then it takes the rest of your life to maintain it! That I do know.

Please take a few minutes and go to HBO Weight of the Nation and watch their movies they have for free regarding this epidemic.  Start taking action now!

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