Monday, January 16, 2012

Why I Preach Health

My Weight Loss Bears from Nutrisystems

If you know my story you know I suffered chronic illness and pain for over a decade due to my Type 1 Diabetes.

It is a miracle from God that I found my way out of the dark bowels of sickness, negativity and pain. I use to pray so hard that He show me the way out of that suffering. What I never recognized was the answer was right in front of me.  Eat the foods God has made and not men!

My Dad was the only one growing up I knew who really cared about his fitness and his health.  He tried to get me to think about how important it is to take care of myself and I never listened.  It is a lot like religion, it doesn't hit the person or mean anything to someone until they find the truth.

When the light turns on you want to share it with everyone, but not everyone wants to listen or hear what you have to say because it makes them feel like you are passing judgment on them. Am I judging them?? I don't think so except I think to myself “only if you knew what you were truly eating”.  My objective in sharing this good news is that I want to help other people. I want them to benefit from being healthy and fit like I have the last 4 years.

To not have to suffer bad health and disability is what I call freedom the way God intended us to live on this earth. Yes, sometimes eating right and exercising isn't enough to fight some diseases. However, it will give you a better chance to live longer and have better days on this earth, so why not take it?
My New TENs Unit for my feet

I am still as sick as I was 4 years ago, I still have neuropathy that hurts and use my TENs unit regularly.   I still have to wear my insulin pump, but because of eating the right foods I don't have to use as much insulin as I once did, which also helps eliminate fat from my body. 

By controlling my blood sugar eases my neuropathies, its a win win situation. Can I still go blind? Yes. Can I still lose kidney function? Yes. Can I still lose a foot? Yes. However, my chances of survival are greater now than ever before due to the change in eating.

What if no one shared with you the things I am telling you today? To me if I don't share my story with others I wouldn't be a very nice person. I want to scream from the roof tops for others to hear the truth. You don't have to suffer! Yes it takes work! Yes it takes guts and strength!  If I can do it , you can do it!!

Do you share your healthful views with others? If so, what kind of response do you get?

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  1. I do share my health views but it is usually with the already converted. Most of my social network are into fitness. My workmates say I'm mad doing all this exercise but I'm sure secretly they know I am on a winner and admire my commitment!

  2. That is great Paul!

  3. Oh thank you Sheri! You don't know how many people you can help by sharing that you are not doomed by a very serious illness. I love how you are passionate about this, and that you are willing to share. 

  4. You really are an inspiration Sheri & shout it to the world!!! Yes, eat the whole foods!

    Sorry about the flare up you wrote about to m e- HUGS!

  5. Thanks Jody! Yeah, it happens alot another part of life.

  6. Hi Sheri! This is a very powerful post. I have always thought of you as a very kind person to expose your own diabetic vulnerabilities in the hope that you can help just one person not go blind or lose a foot.

    You are the very type of person that someone can listen to and deeply believe, not some doctor who has had no personal experience with diabetes. You have a extremely important mission, and I'm glad that I can count you as a friend. I'm so *very proud!* of what you do on your blog. 

    :-) Marion

  7. Oh Marion thank you so much for your wonderful words to me! I can't express enough how much I appreciate what you said. I hope I can help someone, but if not I have met some dear friends you being one of them. xoxo

  8. If everyone was as committed as you are Sheri, a lot of doctors would have to find other jobs :-)

    I get mixed reviews for my "helpful" health suggestions, lol!

    Not my problem :-)

  9. LOL!!!! Thank you so much Dr. J!!! Haha, nah not good doctors as yourself! We would make this world ROCK if we teamed up!

  10. Well you know me, Sheri. I sure do share. But I sincerely appreciate what YOU are sharing. Always love coming to your blog. xo

  11. I love how you share your story - I think it's great how you want to save everyone because that is what make you human. 
    I urge you to keep preaching. 

  12. Thank you my friend! I appreciate your words very much!

  13. Thank you M!! I highly doubt if I will ever stop every day there's a new thing to be thankful for because of watching what I eat.

  14. I am with u....lets preach as one day they will remember what they have read between our might not make them one to change things right now as they not ready....but they will be ready in time....this is the only Gods the processed

  15. Hi Sheri, I'm here from Marion's site. This is terrific. Your message is so important for everyone to hear not just diabetics. I do share my healthful views with others both as a nurse and with friends and family. However, I have learned that how we share the message is just as important as the message itself. I try to be succinct and nonjudgmental. I often wait for questions before offering up any information. 

    My diet has changed considerably over the last year. I gave up meat, a good deal of dairy and I've been experimenting with vegan cooking and baking. I get some interesting responses to any sentence that has the word vegan in it! Overall I find that people are curious and our conversations open the door to new ideas. 

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your site.

  16. Welcome Aimee and thank you for visiting my blog!! Sounds like you've got a good handle on your health now. A lot of people question why we do the things we do I find because they don't know how. Most don't want a "you can do it" explanation, some want to hear we do these things due to a illness of some sort. I guess its easier.

    I think its great that you found what works for you! Vegan is a very healthy alternative plant based foods are the best for us. I look forward to learning more about you!

  17. YES! Shout it from the rooftops lady!!! Tell your story and don't stop. I am so glad you keep sharing - it is so important.

  18. Thank you Donloree!!! I will keep trying for sure!


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