Monday, November 28, 2011

Now What?

Does there ever become a time when you say now what? I have achieved so much the last few years in my journey in which I am so thankful.

But what about now? What is my goal? I know that I will never turn back to the old Sheri the one that ate all the time and didn't care about what she put in her body. Nor will I ever stop exercising and fighting my disease Diabetes.

So now what? Well I will tell you that I will keep fighting the good fight. I will continue to weight and measure my food. I will continue to buy healthy foods rather than unhealthy. I will continue to drive home from lunch every day to make my lunch verses giving an excuse to eat out and choose poorly. I will continue to come home at night and change then leave again to go to the gym to run on the treadmill regardless of how tired I am. Its a beautiful thing there is no questioning what I am going to do, I just do it.

So you see, I made my goal and its a part of my life now. I can eat freely out or at my Mom's for the Holiday's and not worry or fret about it any more because I am where I want to be.

If you think for a second that this is an impossible place to be you are wrong. It is possible, I did it and many other blogger friends of mine have done it. It isn't easy, nor is it a quick fix! It takes a lot of time, determination, strength, knowledge and patients.
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  1. Hi Sheri! I have a new blogger friend who was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. So I am going to recommend your blog to her. <3

    :-) Marion

  2. I LOVE this post, Sheri. I love how you say that this journey is possible for everyone but that it will be hard and it will take a lot of patience, which is absolutely true. Wonderful post.
    I'm glad that you are happy where you are now. I am too :)
    It is wonderful to know that there is no questioning what you are going to do - that is call Weight loss routine ;)

  3. Wonderful, encouraging post! You look like a completely different person!!

  4. This is it Sheri! Keep moving forward & fighting the good fight for sure! You may find things a long the way you want to try or compete in - I did BUT even when I did not compete, there was never a stand still moment. Maintenance is hard - harder than people think it is.... the older you get, the harder it is. Going to write a post on this soon!

    GO SHERI!!

  5. I'm struck by your choice of wording - fighting the good fight. I'd love to someday not have to "fight" but to have it all just be what I do without thought. I know now that I will have to always stay on track with my eating and be aware, but I sure would like it to be second nature.

  6. I totally agree that the key is to not question and just do it. That's how I am with my running. Do it every day because it's good for you and makes you feel good!


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