Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going against my own rule only post on Monday's, but wanted to get out and wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I wanted to share the wise words from Nutrisystem from Facebook.
1. Be picky. Don’t waste your calories on just any food. Stick to ones that you really like, especially those only available at certain times of the year. You may even want to bring your own favorite Nutrisystem entrĂ©e or dessert, or fruit or salad, to the party so that you have more choices to select from.

2. Keep your distance from appetizers and the buffet table. When at a buffet, select the food you want to eat and move far away from buffet table. The further away you are from the food source, the less likely you will be to make the effort for multiple helpings. Focus on the main course and not on high-fat appetizers or finger foods.

3. Use a small plate. Rather than fill up a large plate, use a smaller (salad) plate for your meal. After finishing that plate of food and taking some time to talk to friends and family, you may discover that the portion was just what you needed!

4. Easy does it. Alcohol not only contains calories, it loosens your inhibitions about many things, including eating. So, if you do decide to drink, limit the number to keep the extra calories to a moderate amount and to minimize alcohol’s effects on your eating.
Motivational Girl ~ Oct. 2011
This will be my 4th Thanksgiving since starting Nutrisystem's back in July 2008 and its the first time I am not afraid of the food. I realize I am never going back to the old me, I will always fight for my health and fitness. So NO FRETTING for me this year!

How about you? Are you going to enjoy some food without fretting your choices?

Excerpts from The Motivational Girl are protected by copyright and used here by permission of The Motivational Girl, 2011.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Sheri. We here in SA do not celebrate it though.
    I agree with the points that the Nutrisystem gives. Such good tips.

  2. I do plan to enjoy:) And I plan to be back on track the next day.

  3. Great tips Sheri! AND, you look absolutely amazing!!!!! Beautiful & happy!

    Me, I plan for what I will treat on & I definitely do NOT eat anything that is not at least a 9.5 to 10 out of 10 for me as a treat. Got to be worth it & I do NOT fret cause know I will be back to it right after! :-)

    Happy one to you & enjoy!!!!


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