Monday, October 24, 2011

Positive Attitude Does It Work?

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.” ~Willie Nelson

The answer to this question is YES! About 4 or 5 months ago when I stopped blogging for a time I was going through a very rough time mentally. I had so many negative feelings about myself and was so confused as to why. I mean all I ever wanted was to be skinny and healthy and here I am, I reached it!

Well let me explain, even though I lost the weight and began to run which was fulfilling a life time dream I was still miserable inside. I had to break away from the things that were causing me to have these feelings. I had to make a change again away from the things that I thought were good.

For example, I belonged to the online community of Nutrisystem since losing my weight right? Well, what was pulling me down was hearing all the negatives “I gained a pound” or “I feel fat” all the time. People who go on maintenance have a force behind them never to gain weight I know I do, but the worst thing you can do for yourself is to focus on the negatives.

Yes, gaining a pound should be addressed, but don't beat yourself up over for crying out loud. I lost 60 pounds, I reached my goal even though all things were counting against me to be able to achieve it. The last thing I needed was to go into a downward spiral and only say “if only” or “I should lose more”.

No, I am thrilled with my body NOW. I am so happy to be where I am at even though I gained 15 pounds back over a period of a 2 ½ years. That is where my body wants to be, so I am letting it. I don't have to see 171 on the scale anymore, I love 180's!

My point is move your mind and yourself away from all the negatives in the world. All it does is make you doubt yourself and not allow you to take some pleasures in life. My last post “No More Fretting” shows, I was able to enjoy my vacation and not feel guilty for eating out. It was wonderful!

I have signs in my office to be positive and no negativity, not because of work, but because of me. People at work think its because of work causing me to be mad, but that isn't why their there. Their there to remind me how much I love myself and how proud I am of where I am today. To stay positive means I can achieve anything and so can you.

Are you a positive or negative thinker? How does either effect you?

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  1. I'm a paradox: part Polyanna and part pessimist. I am always on an extreme end seeking a balanced middle.


  2. I feel positive about myself and who I am but others can drag me down. Work at times can frustrate as expectations can be unrealistic and not respectful of individuality and what that can provide especially in teaching! Thank you for your blog! It was certainly thought provoking1

  3. I do agree with you - there is nothing more negative than people who fret over a pound gain. It happens and sometimes that pound is just water retention and not fat.
    That is what I like about our group - no one is negative and that is absolutely crucial in staying on track.

  4. Hi Sheri! Well, you're quite tall--180 seems like a very good weight for you. You're still like a size 10 or 12? That's small for a very tall girl. And the struggle ends when you find a weight that you can manage--instead of fight with.

    Positive is the *only* thing that works for me. I have very little will power to do things I'm forced to do. I have LOADS of energy to do things I love: like healthy eating and fun stuff at the gym. Every single thing I've done health-wise has been out of fun or love for myself.

    Like the song says: Girls just wanna have fun! <3

    :-) Marion

  5. It's so important to stay positive, and when I feel negative I know that it does zero to help me. It can be challenging though. Wonderful post!

  6. I very much agree with you! When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 I was in shock for the first week and then one day I decided that I was going to make a real effort to find something to be positive about. I didn't want to get to 2.5 years later and only remember feeling sad (that's how long her cancer treatment was for). This was Bianca's life, she deserved to have some good memories. Caitlyn was only a baby 3.5 months old at the time and she also deserved to have her milestones celebrated. The day I chose to become more positive, the journey became more manageable (not easy, it was never easy, but manageable).

    Thinking positive requires hard work, whereas negativity will automatically come if we let it. But if you start thinking positive, and you keep thinking positive then eventually it will become more automatic and won't be such a hard effort.

    I avoid people who are constantly negative because they tend to drag you down and just recently got rid of a friendship that was always negative, always high maintenance and always hard work. Just not worth it.

  7. Sheri - I LOVE THIS POST! I love it not only for the message BUT just for you & how far you have come & how happy you are with yourself! WONDERFUL!

    Honestly, I can be both. I used to be all negative but have got away from that. I think right now & the past couple years, the negative comes from tough hormone times - physical & it effects mental too. Writing about that Wednesday.


  8. I completely agree! It so much more important to stay positive especially when you feel negative thoughts and feelings show their ugly heads. That is something I am working to accomplish every day!

  9. I tend to be negative. Glass half empty. But I'm working on it:)

  10. This is so true. Do you read Bob Sutton's Work Matters? He recently wrote about how eliminating negativity should be a higher priority than focusing on positive things. I think this transfers to every area of our lives -- work, health, relationships.

    Nice post.


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