Monday, October 10, 2011

Go The Distance

Have you ever watched the movie “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner? I just finished watching it the 5th time in 20 years and it still gives me goose bumps. Its all about Kevin Costner's (Ray Costella) to go above and beyond to ease his pain. Everyone has some kind of pain their living with Ray's pain was his relationship with his father who was now dead. He ached to be able to see his Dad again to tell him he loves him. If you haven't seen the movie, I won't give anymore away.
Your probably wondering what does this have to do with losing weight? Everything! I had this inner pain of wanting something so bad, yet feel helpless to achieve it. I use to dream about being thin, being beautiful and fit.

I tried everything growing up from pills to fad diets and it never worked. The reason it worked this last time 2 ½ years ago is because I was ready to go the distance. I was prepared to make the change in my life to learn how to eat and to exercise.
I was willing to give up the fast foods, fried foods, chips, cookies, Fritos with cheese sauce, large pizzas, eating blocks of cheese home from the grocery store or a home made brownie when I went to a certain grocery store. I was willing to go to the gym after I got home from work after a long day and take care of my body. I was willing to walk in the winter and eventually running in -0 temperatures with freezing rains. I was willing to run in the hottest times of the day 90 – 100 degrees to keep up with my training to become better and to stay trim.

Going the distance means no giving up, willing to do whatever it takes to ease your pain that you might be in.

Yes, there are a lot worse things in this world than to losing weight, but I knew if I did not get my addiction under control I would die a very young perhaps painful death because of my Type 1 Diabetes.
The other day when I was in the grocery store I past a man who was 6'6” perhaps very obese and could barely walk. He had special boots on his feet with special socks that I recognized as a Diabetic sock. He could barely walk to the electric chair because he had gangrene growing up his legs. Yes, I saw it was a very dark coloring of the skin slowly eating up his feet and legs. That my friends is why I am going the distance. I do not want that as my future!

  What about you?  Are you willing to go the distance to ease your pain that your in?

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  1. I too go the distance - I want to be heathy - it's a choice I made! I made, for me!

  2. A great post Sheri! I admire all you do to stay fit & healthy!!! We all have things we must conquer & you have one that is a toughy!

    I have a post coming up next week about an 80 year old lady with MS & what she is still doing! Talk about amazing!

    I am fighting the hormone age battle & it want to kick me down the steps but I am climbing back up no matter what!

  3. Great post Sheri! I think we all go the distance for our own reasons! But it all amounts to being healthy!

  4. I will either die trying to go the distance or I will just die. I would rather be going the distance.

    Excellent topic and post!


  5. Hi Sheri! I think that description of the man and gangrene says *so* much! It's very easy and stupid to think that when we swallow--the food and its consequences just disappears.

    :-) Marion

  6. You are 100 percent right! Going the distance is always worth it.


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