Monday, August 15, 2011

Never Give Up!

I decided to try trail running rather than road or treadmill. The weather is so extremely hot that without the covering of the trees I just can't run in it. My blood sugar drops so fast, my energy wanes after 1 mile and its just not a “good” workout.

I started running on the treadmill, but that really hurts my lower back. So, trail run it is.

My husband is a ultra marathoner as you already know by reading past posts. He can run 50 miles in the trails and loves it. He's only been hurt a few times due to the trails by twisting or falling and he's been doing it for many years.

My first run he went with me and led the way. I was kind of freaked out at first mainly because I didn't know what to expect out of myself running. We walk at the trails all the time, but that is so not running in them!

You have to watch every step, or there could be a root, a hole, a rock or a stump or just a divit in the trail and with my neuropathy I can't feel my feet placement. Most people know if their feet are lifted up a certain height, I don't. Hence......why I fell.

We were just about to go around the second time, we went 1.3 miles already and I was feeling pretty pumped at this point and tired. I had my little water bottle in my hand and I looked up to see where Jeff was and BAM I tripped and went full blast downward and litterally when I hit my body bounced. My right arm took the brunt of it, as well as my right eye.

It was quite shocking, I laid there a few minutes while my husband was over me. Poor guy he goes through so much with me. I wanted to cry at first because it hurt and I was in a state of shock somewhat. My mouth began to quiver and then I heard myself say “STOP IT, GET YOURSELF UP AND FINISH THIS RUN!” So I got up with Jeff's help and walked it off a little bit and started to run. I finished my first trail run 2.56 miles. Yes I fell, yes there is risk, but guess what there's risk walking from your car to the grocery store.

I am not going to live a sedentary life, I had that my first 38 years and I am done with that life. Frankly, it sucked and wasn't fun at all and it almost killed me.  I love pushing my body to the max, its a high I can't describe to you if you've never done it.

The moral of the story is, just because you hurt yourself doesn't mean for you to give up okay?   I have ran that same trail now 6 times by myself and now I know. I also have the confidence to know I can do it. I have seen a huge result from my body since running on trails. I really think its going to tone me more than the road or treadmill can provide. However, I can't do it all the time, its tough on the body so my training is going to be one week with trails, one week with the treadmill or road and alternate.

Have you taken any spills lately?

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