Monday, August 22, 2011

BMI What It Says Goes

Most of you already know back in 2008 I started Nutrisystem’s weighing in at 231 and lost 60 pounds, which took me to 171 pounds. For a 6’3” woman, that was great! Now when I lost weight I lost a lot of muscle. I was eating between 900 to 1200 calories on plan a day, plus a little biking at the gym.
A lot of people said that was too low for me, but to be honest I felt great and I wish I could have maintained it. I struggled mainly because of going on maintenance is a whole new world. Not living on Nutrisystem’s everyday really was tough. So, over the last 2 years I’ve gained about 15 pounds a lot of it is muscle, but not all of it got to stay accountable for my actions here.

According to the BMI calculator I am at 23.62 for my height and weight. I am only a 1.4% away from being “overweight”.  That is not acceptable!

The most recent and most complete BMI study (1999; more than one million Americans) revealed the following range of "healthiest" BMIs: for men, 23.5 to 25.0; for women, 22.0 to 23.5.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute believes that you are overweight if you have a BMI above 25.0, and that this degree of overweight increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Medical research has shown that overweight individuals who lose weight through exercise and/or dieting can significantly decrease their risk of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.

A regular running program provides one of the best ways to lose weight or maintain healthy weight. Each mile you cover will burn approximately 125 calories.

Running long and slow burns a higher percentage of fat calories, and teaches your body to become more efficient at fat-burning, which gives you more endurance for long runs and marathons.

Running shorter and faster burns more total calories per minute or mile, which helps you lose weight, including body fat. Faster running also increases your "afterburn" the calories your body continues burning after your run stops. We believe it is a good idea to mix longer runs and faster runs in your workout program.

BMIs below 20.7 (for men) and 19.1 (for women) are considered unhealthy. ~RunnersWorld
This past week I decided it was time to lose some weight, I wanted to get back to 178 which would be my 52 pound goal mark; however, after reading more about the BMI and seeing the range for “normal” I decided to put a few different weights in the tool.  According to the BMI tool in Runner’s World I could get down to 168 and my BMI would be 20.99! That would be perfect!

Now here’s the thing I am not stupid. I know that would be hard to maintain, maybe impossible because I do like my “splurges”, but those splurges are not worth it!  I know what will happen to my health if I gain more weight. My A1C will go up, my neuropathy will start back up and cause severe crippling pain and my blood pressure will raise … the list goes on and on.

I have a lot to think about, but right now my goal is 178 I know that is doable!

Do you know your BMI number?? If you don't, I suggest you find out just click the link.

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