Monday, July 25, 2011

What is important to you in this life?

What is important to you in this life? Is it your kids? Is it your spouse? Is it money? Really think about what is important and then I want you to rethink the question. Why can't YOU be important enough to put yourself first, then you will be able to take care of the other people or things in your life better?

Recently there's been people who I am in contact with that have had siblings that are chronically ill from Diabetes because they didn't keep it under control. Why do you think they waited so long to put themselves first? Did they not have the love for themselves like they should or do you think they lied to themselves and said they can't do anything about it?

My friend that I spoke of in my past post, her brother lost both legs to diabetes. The other day a co-worker lost his brother to it. He was only a few years older than me. He had been struggling for a long time in hospice care losing his kidneys and then liver. This made me feel so sad that these two individuals laid down to this disease. We have to fight it every day of our lives! I know I have too and to be honest I've been rather slack the last month. No more! I love myself to much and the people around me that are closest to me to put them through that horrible, horrible worry and pain. I will not allow my obsession with sugar (cookies, chocolate, chips, pretzels) take me out that way!

You've got to smarten up on this disease!  Start researching diabetes and what it can do to you if you don't already know and if you have it don't just sit there and wish you didn't have it. Do something about it!

I started out at 255 pounds, with chronic Neuropathy pain in my feet. I didn't know I had it until it was too late. I got myself in control once I found out, but I never lost my weight and exercised because I played the “woe is me” card. Yes, I was in excruciating pain, yes I was depressed, yes I didn't feel good ever and yes I was so tired from eating so poorly.  However, I could have done something about it I just didn't know how, nor did I have belief in myself since I failed so many other diets in my life time.

Also, I didn't want to put the effort that it takes to lose weight nor did I want to stop eating my Fritos long enough. I didn't want to sweat and exercise that takes effort! That changed once I was diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropathy in my digestive tract, the start of my system shutting down.

This was an eye opener to me, I became desperate to lose weight and to get healthy. I wanted to enjoy the rest of my life with my husband and my family. I wanted to run, I wanted to be fit, I wanted to do what I wanted!  Life is to short folks. If you are sitting there with diabetes and you are eating whatever you want, don't fool yourselves into thinking this won't happen to you, its a matter of time.

Diabetes is running rampant today in this country and its because we don't care enough about ourselves to do anything about it. Yes, Type 1 diabetics can't help it, but they can prevent their symptoms from getting worse. I am Type 1 and I am fighting!

If you know a diabetic and they aren't taking care of themselves, send them this post. Let them know they aren't alone and they can change their lives around before its to late. If you do not know anyone with Diabetes, share it anyways because you do not know who might read it and it might help change their life seeing it can be done.

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