Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stress Less Weigh Less

I contacted Holly about a month ago and asked if she'd mind sending me her book so I could review and post my findings on my blog.  She is the sweetest person!!!  We talked a little bit, and she did send me a copy.  Unfortunately, I haven't read much because my time isn't allowing me too just yet.  I am hoping to sit down and begin reading soon!

Here's a usurp from her book:
"  In this book, I'll walk you through my powerful three part strategy, which begins where all weight loss should--with your mind--and continues to places that others don't, like stress management training.  Then we'll quickly and easily proceed to the specific dietary changes that melt pounds, and the exercise principles that will remold your body to the shape you've always wanted.
   So, what is the secret?  It's in the power of balancing three core components stress, diet and exercise.  These three critical parts must harmonize and when they do--wow!  Your body will mold into a form you have only dreamed of."  ~ Taken from page 9 of "Stress Less Weigh Less"

I will be blogging points as I read her book.  I do not do "reviews" like some bloggers, I like to blog about points that stand out to me.

Today I found Holly on a morning show and thought I'd share with you who she is so you know whom I am talking about as I go through the review process.

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