Monday, July 4, 2011

Healthy Eating A Way Of Life Not Temporary


We've all heard it before diets don't work! Yes if you eat less you will lose weight, but what are you going to do once you get to goal? Are you going to start to increase your calories? Are you going to start to think you can eat and drink what you want? If you answered yes to either of those, you will gain your weight back.

I had a massage this past Saturday I have been experiencing some vibrations going up my right ankle to the top of my back leg that is part of my neuropathy, but its never gone up that high before. It started Thursday night and it concerned me greatly. Anyways, while I was there the lady that did the massage was telling me she's on a natural diet “homeopathic”. She was unable to use the oils that she usually uses because they have some fats in them. So she had to buy some oil from the company that supplied her with her “drops” to help her lose weight. She was not allowed to eat whatever vegetables she wanted, she could only eat 1 vegetable with her meal at a time and it had to be a green vegetable without beans. She had to eat protein at night, no carbohydrates. It was a 500 calorie diet and she's lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. During her conversation with me, she mentioned how much she can't wait to eat this or that again. I told her, she can't eat the way she use to or she'd gain her weight back.


We must eat healthy, feed our bodies good foods we can't go back to how and what we use to eat! My advice is when you have a birthday, or you are going on vacation do not leave your health plan! Once I make the decision its okay to eat that extra chip or pretzel then I've just started an avalanche and it won't stop until I am miserable.

I am a compulsive eater and what I need to do is learn to abstain from foods that cause that avalanche we all do. Some folks don't have that problem, but they most likely do not have a weight problem either.

If your going to take a vacation from your plan, only choose low calorie foods to be that choice you make. Don't make it fattening greasy foods, it will be so hard to come back.

Excerpts from The Motivational Girl are protected by copyright and used here by permission of The Motivational Girl, 2011.

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