Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gone Are The Days Of Short Creep

Weighing in at 255
It wasn't that long ago when I was constantly pulling my shorts down every few seconds. I hated that so bad, my thighs were so fat all my shorts creep up. Know what I am talking about?

I would always avoid wearing tight shorts for one it doesn't look good on a heavy frame and two because they'd always creep up and I'd have to pull them back down. Sometimes I'd rip them I did it so much.  I really despised shorts, I never understood why people liked them. Until now....

Today I decided to take a morning run since it was Saturday and the temperatures were cool. I wasn't planning on it since I ran last night 4.38 miles. Then I remembered what my new friend Syl wrote in her Running post the other day. “I never really followed any training routine, I never walked between running, I just ran. When I felt like I couldn’t run anymore, I came home and tried for a bit more the next day.“ She inspired me to run whenever I want too and it doesn't have to be a long run. Just run to run!

After Run ready to lift!
I decided I would wear my New Balance shorts this morning because I am sick of the two skorts I wear each time.  I hesitated at first because these are the creep up kind easily.   I suited up in them and then put on my tank top was ready to go.

When I got out on the road, I put my music on and felt great. As I was running I noticed my shorts weren't creeping up!!  They were staying in place!  I couldn't believe it!   I felt stellar and it gave me more energy to keep running as fast as I could go. 

Before the run
So, that's my story, no more short creep for me and let me tell you something I never want it back! I am going to work hard for the rest of my life to keep my weight off.

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