Monday, June 27, 2011

Think Before You Eat

This is from my friend Angelique's blog that I just had to share!  Everyone should print this out and put it on their refrigerator, I did! Used with permission by Angelique.

You train hard everyday, sometimes twice per day you are doing some sort of physical activity either in the gym or outside. You love exercise and the feeling you get when you do. But there is one thing that you are not understanding...

"Why am I not losing weight?"

Are you thinking before you eat? Do you go home after a hard workout and eat 2 cups of white noodles loaded with cheese and sauce with your chicken? Or you do realize you are eating a big bag of chips but you figure "I just worked out for 2 hours, I can eat this!".

Too much noodles and cheese!
 Stop and think for a minute before you eat your next meal. Is there too much food on your plate? Is it the right foods you are about to eat? Are you always eating junk food after your workouts?

This is not a good post workout snack!
 If you think you are doing everything possible with your workouts to lose weight, then you have to think of your food. You are probably eating too much or simply making the wrong choices and using the excuse that you "just worked out". THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE.

So healthy!
Think next time you are about to eat. Cut back on processed carbohydrates and fill up on more greens or fruits. Make wiser decisions and you will start losing that weight!

Great source of protein and healthy fats

Excerpts from The Motivational Girl are protected by copyright and used here by permission of The Motivational Girl, 2011.


  1. I saw this post and so agree with it :)

  2. Have you changed up your blog page - seems to be different although is seems "choppy" on my end - does not flow smoothly when I scroll up & down BUT I like it!

    Anyway, you probably know I already do think before I eat & after a workout makes me want to eat healthier because I just did something good for the bod. I do portion control as well - so important!

    It is like maintenance - you can't eat like you used to just because you lost the weight - you have to eat for the new body & weight.

  3. Hi Sheri! Great post because it makes me think. I think I should make a personalized version of this for my fridge, since those are not my binge foods. Very good idea!

    Also, I need to go boil some eggs up for salad.

    :-) Marion

  4. TOTALLY agree! It takes 10 minutes MAYBE to eat 500 calories worth of pizza but about 2.5 hours of cardio to work that off!!

  5. Great reminder. Thank you!

    According to all professionals and experts in the areas of nutrition and fitness people tend to UNDERestimate their calorie intake and OVERestimate their calorie burn.

    I also believe that what I eat is as important as how much I eat. If I am having 1500 calories a day and they are mostly low quality carbs my body will react differently than it will with 1500 high quality calories of lean protein, high fiber and complex carbs.


  6. It's all about volume for me. What's more satisfying - a tablespoon of chocolate chips or an entire apple. The apple of course!

  7. Sheri - Thanks for checking in my on my blog! I love your blog. It is so informational and motivational! You are doing a great job. I will be following you from now on!

  8. Ohhh yeah. This trainwrecked me for a long time. Especially that snacking time that falls from after work to before dinner. I was hungry and grabbing everything in sight. Even if it was healthy food, I was still going overboard and eating too much of it. Then I started packing a special snack to eat right before leaving work. Totally fixed that problem! (and it's great to see you're back, Sheri! yay!)

  9. This is such a timely post for me. Thank you for writing it. And thank you for stopping by and saying hi ;-).


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