Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Love Who I Am

 Yesterday I ran in the rain, and it felt so cool and delightful hitting my hot skin. I had to wear a hat because of my glasses that I have to wear. I would for sure trip in a hole or run into a car if I didn’t wear those!

I want so bad to be able to say I ran without struggling yesterday it was better than it has been, but not what I “imagine” perfect is. Perfect in my mind is to be able to run 7 minute miles, comfortable breathing, no bloat or swelling in extremities to the point you feel like your going to explode any minute and no pain. I can honestly say the one that doesn't affect me is pain.  Yes, my joints and tendons feel sore different times, but no pain anywhere not even in my feet which is a true miracle.

I need to learn to appreciate what my body can do right now. I need to stop dwelling on the “perfect” of the world because it isn’t going to ever be perfect! I need to start loving me for who I am and for how far I’ve come in this journey. Who knows where I’d be right now if I didn’t make that decision back in July 22nd, 2008.


A friend of mine her brother is a diabetic and she received the call he just had to amputate his last foot he had and his kidney function was breaking down. He never took care of himself and now he’s at such a dire strait. Its never too late, I hope he can see he can still improve on his health and save what organs he has left before diabetes takes everything.

This is why I fight, this is why I get frustrated on a regular basis, this is why I’ll never give up!

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  1. You got it -- never never EVER give up on yourself!! You've got this battle in the bag :)

    Prayers and thoughts for your friend's brother! It's always possible (never easy) to turn things around!

  2. I'm so glad you are here and posting your story. You HAVE come such a long way. It's funny how much we change after we decide to get healthy. Several years ago I would have been happy with going for a short walk and not eating an entire bag of potato chips. Now my 'regular' run is 6 miles (NOT at 7 min per mile) and I CRAVE my green smoothie and protein drinks!

    We will never give up because we have so much life in us...why deprive our bodies of the movement, sweat, sunshine, and sensations it can still give us. Enjoy it as long as you can!!

  3. Hi Sheri! I had a cousin who committed suicide over diabetes because he was so overweight and was going blind. And the friend I told you about that had his foot amputated. It's so sad that neither of them could manage their diabetes.

    I think that is why your blog and your personal message is extremely important. Everything is easier when there is a kind gracious person who knows what a person is going through. I know that if a person with diabetes asked you to give them guidance or be their internet friend, you would do that.

    I will pray for your friend's brother. My husband and I are also helping a person with schizophrenia right now. That is a sad story too. She's so young and her life is so messed up, through no fault of her own. We all need to be kind and compassionate to others--for no reason at all.

    :-) Marion

  4. You are so right. Even though I don't have diabetes, I too fight. I fight to stay healthy and I so get it why you want to do it.

  5. OMG on your friend's brother! It never ceases to amaze me that people faced with their life & docs that tell them they have to change yet they don't even faced with what your friends bro went thru or even death... I hope he learns & tries to do what you did - never give up - that is the key!

    Love the attitude Sherie!! My feet are feeling so much better too!!! Yahoo Hokas! And you taking care of yourself!

  6. I love who you are, too! I cannot imagine running 7 minute miles.


  7. You are right - if you give up you will never get there. You are so impressive with your running skills!

  8. Sheri, I'm glad you are writing again! Congrats on the approaching three year anniversary of yoru healthy living journey. Perfection is a trap that only holds us back - glad you are redefining what that means and celebrating how far you have come. Have a great weekend!

  9. I got a lump in my throat reading this.....
    We do need to appreciate what we have, we may not be the fastest, or run without feeling tired sometimes...BUT WE CAN many people cant and would love to step into our shoes just for a day!!!
    We are blessed, it could have been so much worse for us....

  10. I don't think a 7 minute mile ever crossed my mind! So sorry to hear about your friend's brother. While we can't keep all health issues away, there are lots of choices we can make to do our part.


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