Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving On

As you all know I've been sick over a course of a week. I am so much better now, I still have a cold and cough nothing I can't deal with though.

Tomorrow (May 30th) is my Lou Cox 5K that I have been waiting for since I started running the end of December 2010. I pretty much decided Friday I wasn't even going to try since it had been since last Saturday I last ran.

The more I thought about it the more inspired I got to just go do it. So what if I have to walk most of it that is okay. I am so blessed to be able to even walk more than a ¼ mile!! Back in 2008 I couldn't even walk that without terrible foot pain.

That is what I am doing my Memorial Day and then I am going to reflect on all the positives in my life and thank God for each day He has given me to live on this earth.

I think this will be my last post for awhile if not permanently. I have officially run out of things to say and its time for me to work on some other things.  I don't feel comfortable sharing those things online some things have to stay personal, so I bought myself a Journal and I started writing yesterday.   It was very nice!

I will miss you and I plan to continue reading your blogs and commenting as time permits.  You never know I might pop out some posts once in a while...I do love to write.

God Bless,


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  1. Hi Sheri,

    Well, you've been blogging a long time and,as a blogger of only 4 months, I can personally understand how you feel about not having anything new to write. Some days, I'm just tired with the rest of my life. Other days, I'm just a boring person. So,I do appreciate your message, but do understand that you might need a break.

    Don't be a stranger, though. :-) Come to my blog whenever you feel like it.

    :-) Marion

  2. I will miss you and will hope for a return of the Motivational Girl Sheri!

    Congrats on living in the solution and not dwelling in the problem regarding your 5K on Monday. I will be doing 5K on the treadmill and will be thinking of you.

    Love and best wishes

  3. Sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time and that you won't be blogging anymore. You are such an inspiration to me and we think alike so much, so I am really sad to see you go. Good luck.

  4. @affectionforfitness You will continue seeing me Marion, I need my blog fix! :)

  5. @Jane Cartelli I will miss you too Jane and thank you so much for your words of support and encouragement always!

  6. @blackhuff I just need to work somethings out in my head. Sometimes it goes beyond physical health and goes to mental.

    You are right, we are a lot a like and we will continue to stay in touch!

  7. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for letting us know and not just vanishing.

  8. I have only just found you and now its good bye...I will miss you terribly, but do understand and know when you ready again you will return...
    I'm really heartsore after reading this.....:(

  9. Wow! I was going to ask how the 5K went, until I kept reading. I've just started to get to know you - keep in touch!

  10. Well, I am sad to read that you are ending your blogging at least for now. I just recently found you and was really enjoying reading your post. So I am sad but I do understand needing a break. I recently started another blog myself but can't seem to keep up with it much. You are right about a lot of things go beyond physical health. Sometimes for me my mental health is worse. Hope you continue to find your strength to get through this difficult time. I will be thinking of you. You gave me your email several days ago so we could chat so I will probably be emailing you if that is ok.

  11. It is a sad moment that you are saying good bye, it is always good to read such good blogs written by you, i will miss you.

  12. Good luck hon! I understand the need to put the blog aside for awhile. It's very time consuming and personal as well. I had to back off to once a week on my own due to studying... and I don't feel a bit guilty.

  13. oh my gosh. Okay. I totally didn't expect this kind of post. But I support your decision and wish you ALL the best. xoxo

  14. I hope the run went OK for you, Sheri! I was gonna say, just do the course another day when you felt better, but your idea is better. If you didn't do the race, there is always tomorrow. As for that internal negative voice. I find that when I do positive actions and things in my life it changes that voice to a positive one better than any other way. Listening to good music helps too :-)


  15. Sheri, it has been terrific sharing your journey via this blog. Wish you the best and know that your journal will be a lovely source of support and companionship. :)


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