Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keeping Foods Neutral

This is one of my older posts dated March 17, 2010.  I was energized and had my head on straight back then regarding my eating, and wanted to share this with you.

Have you ever noticed when you categorize food bad or good, the bad is usually what you dwell on? I believe its a subconscious thing really. If we think pretzels are bad to eat, we want pretzels. If we think ice cream is bad to eat, we want ice cream. I remember being a kid and my Grandmother use to say “you shouldn't eat that cookie, its bad for you.” Well, its not bad as long as you eat it responsibly rather than eating the whole box like I did.

I digress, the sad part is when we cave into our desires, we lose all focus on our diet plan and throw our hands up and just eat. I for one would do that and completely lose myself in that moment. When I would come out of it, I felt so depressed, angry and guilt ridden.

I never say, “I can't eat this chocolate bar” because I can and if I choose to eat it I hold myself accountable for it now. As I look back on my journey I have seen where my inner thoughts start to change, I start thinking “I don't want to eat these extra calories, not for a chocolate bar “. Let me tell you, it still catches me off guard too when that happens. I love thinking this way rather than being a slave to the food.

So, if you are one that labels foods bad or good, stop doing that their all good we just need to balance them out (especially us Diabetics).

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  1. Great post! This is very true for me. I like to try to fit in treats -- which is something Intermittent Fasting allows me to do quite well :)

    BTW -- I really appreciate your concern for my health regarding my decision to start Intermittent Fasting! However, fasting for 16 hours does not slow one's metabolism. In studies, it's been found that one's metabolism does not slow until one has been in a fasted state for at least 80 hours -- source:

    But I would not recommend any type of fasting for ANYONE, especially diabetics, unless they had cleared it with their doc :)

  2. Sheri,
    Thank you for reposting and keeping your blog active. I appreciate your perspective and always motivating 'voice'.

    I say I choose not to have 'that' today. I remind myself the damage I cause by body when I choose to eat something which (a) causes damage to my body or (b) brings me to obsess or crave more or other foods.
    I am not diabetic however many people in my family have diabetes and I believe it is only a matter of time and diet before it comes to me. I believe moderate exercise combined with maintaing my weight and not having sugar, processed fats or 'white carbs' will help me be well longer

    Instead of saying never, I say 'just for today' and repeat daily. Each time I neglect to employ that important tool, I find myself in a quicksand pit made of sugar, butter and flour. It pulls me down until I literally feel I am drowning and unable to find anything to pull me out.

    I am grateful to have the willingness to put my health (and I believe my sanity) before the desires of my appetite - just for today.

    How is your cold? Are you still under the weather?


  3. Good post Sheri! Yes, I do think people are controlled by their thoughts about food, the focus on it & there is focus everywhere, that is for sure - family gatherings, friend get togethers, parties & such - all usually abut food get togethers rather than just enjoying the company.

    There are obviously better food choices we can make in life but if you choose to enjoy yourself, own it & get back to eating as healthy as you can. It is when we give up because as you said above, we thing we have been "bad", that it becomes the problem.

    Sheri, I hope you are feeling better!!!!


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