Monday, April 11, 2011

To Run Or Not To Run?

Tonight on my way home from work I was second guessing if I were to run or not because it was pouring down rain. Here was my thought process “I don't feel like getting wet, but I want to run, I ran in frigid winter temperatures with sleet and ice this is nothing.”

The farther I drove and closer to home I got I decided I would just ride my indoor bike on the trainer and then I saw him.

I was sitting at the light ready to turn and a elderly man who I see regularly was riding his bike in the rain with all his gear on! He never drives, never my husband knows him through the running club. He rides his bike day or night, rain or shine, ice or heat. His bike has two big containers on the front wheel on both sides and the back tire as well. That is where he puts all his stuff he needs depending on where he goes. I said “that's it your running!”

I have been wanting a running hat for quite a while, so I made a be line to a running store down the street. Its strictly for women. Its so expensive, but I love their stuff.

I bought a rain jacket that is so lite and it had a hood, plus a pretty pink hat! I was ready darn it! If that guy could ride all the time, I can do this without grumbling. I mean really, I love to run so why hesitate?

So, I head out in the rain with my music on and carbed up. I ended up running 3.42 miles in 40 minutes. I was beat. I felt really good starting out, but did a lot of hills that usually does me in fast.  I had the jacket off by the time I finished.  I was so hot and the rain didn't bug me at all. 

I am so happy I did it, nothing like having all the stress of the day to disappear and to feel so good about yourself.  Maybe one day I'll meet that sweet old man who inspired me to get out and take care of myself regardless of the weather.

What did you do today? Did the weather interfere with your workout?

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  1. What a great post Sheri! I used to be such a fair weather runner but Team in Training has changed all that for me, much like your inspiration older man did for you. Once you get a little wet, a little cold, or run through a few mud puddles it just doesn't seem to matter like it used to.

    It's funny, I remember telling people that I don't like running but I like to be called a I can say I actually Love running!

  2. I love it when we see that our roadblocks don't need to stop us!

  3. Great post!! :)

    Today I lifted (chest + hamstrings) and actually challenged myself really, really hard for the first time in a while... I normally do a 45 on each side when incline benching but today I decided to do a 45 + a 10 on each side and WOWEE. I could only do 4 reps per set but my chest is already feelin' it! Glad I put in the extra effort :)

  4. @The Learning Curves Blogger Thanks Lynn! Its awesome to finally outgrow that negative mentality of excuses isn't it? :)

  5. @Sable Wow Sable that is awesome!! Every since I found you I have been pushing my weight lifting to a higher level. Man it feels great to be sore doesn't it?

  6. I so understand you not wanting to train in the rain..its raining here now and I could not imagine getting dressed and heading out the front door...

    So well done on the run and the mileage you did.Very impressed.

    Today I hit a wall of exhaustion....

  7. I am lucky enough to have a treadmill, circuit machines, weights and lots of equipment in my home that I can use rain or shine. I have a park within easy walking distance with a loop for walking/running. I have no excuse not to exercise due to weather - unless it is the middle of summer and the A/C goes out and the temp is over 95.

    I will not work out outdoors after 8am in May/June/July/August/September in Orlando. When I see a skinny person running in that heat I know they are compulsive or insane.


  8. Love Sheri! It is all in the choices we make & yes, 1 person can change our day! You go lady!

  9. Good for you! I only workout in nice weather. Outside, that is. I took a bad spill biking in the rain two summers ago and learned a valuable lesson.

  10. One day when it's raining and I don't want to go out, I'll try to remember this post :)

  11. I too would not want to run in the rain - not a big motivator at all. But well done for running in the rain.

  12. @Karen@WaistingTime OUCH! I wouldn't chance biking in the rain I don't think. I am sorry you took such a spill! Riding can be scary.

  13. @Gen Hey Gen! That's awesome! I think we were taught growing up not go out in bad weather when in reality it doesn't hurt us. I wouldn't recommend running in a thunderstorm with lightening though. :)


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