Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stress Reliever ~ No Side Effects

This last week has been a tough week for me on a work basis and a personal one as well. My dog has become accustomed to eating whatever he likes and has now decided my shoes are his. Err....that's all I can say about that at the moment.

When a lot of these extra outside stresses start interfering with my healthy lifestyle there's a point when I have to say STOP the insanity! I have to put my foot down and recognize that its happening an to turn it around.

Today was hot, but the sun was hidden under the clouds which made my run much more pleasant. Tonight when I got home and saw my good pair of Nike Free's laying on the floor with a huge ripped out section gone I lost it. I had to get out and escape the anger I was having so rather than eating I put my Hoka One One's on and my new pair of pretty pink skorts started my run.

By the time I was done, the anger was gone and so was the stress and now I can sit back and calmly think of the solution of treating my dog's negative behavior.
After Run Ice Water Soak!
Don't get trapped in the negative thoughts of “oh I have to work out tonight ” attitude think of it as the best dose of stress relief that you can do for yourself that won't have negative side effects. No doctor's prescription can do that!

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  1. I love this! I TOTALLY agree -- whenever possible I try to think, "I GET to work out tonight" rather than "I HAVE to" -- because after all there are a LOT of people who for whatever reason can't work out -- whether it's due to money issues, or health issues, or just shyness.

  2. @Sable Thanks Sable! I have that attitude sometimes and I hate it! Especially because I KNOW how good I feel after the exercise.

  3. I love how you turned a positive into a negative and shared it with us here. Once I get into the negative I often dwell there too long. I have been getting reminders lately that I need to stop and see what lesson, action or miracle God has planned for me at these times and not stay in my pity place. THANK YOU for another reminder to seek the better nature in all moments.


  4. Love Sheri! YES to stress relief & good thing the dog did not get the Hoka's at that price! Good for you & hope life calms down for you! How is hubby?

  5. @Jane Cartelli Thanks Jane! Its so easy to dwell on the negative, but part of my new healthy lifestyle I try hard not too.

  6. @Jody - Fit at 53 Thanks Jody! I know!!! I would have lost it if they were my Hoka's!

  7. Yes yes yes.....I agree totally!!!

  8. I agree with you - stress, anger of any negative emotion disappear after a good workout session.

  9. Found your blog earlier today, and was so impressed I (a) immediately added you to my Google Reader and (b) gave you a blog award

    I look forward to continuing to read your journey, and pick up some tips and motivation as I try to run myself.

  10. @Fab Kate Thank you so much Kate! I am so glad you found me!


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