Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just Do It!

So yesterday I wrote about not feeling like working out, and today was no different.  I woke up very tired and just no energy.  I was coughing and sneezing due to allergies and worried about my husband.

Thank you to all who commented and wished him well!  He is much better today!  Fever is gone, he's got some hunger back hoping on the road to recovery. 

I left church after our first service today so I could be home with him in case he needed anything, but in the back of my mind I was thinking "I will run today".  

As time went on I got sleepier and lazier as the afternoon went and finally I got up around 2pm put my running gear on and headed out.  I bought some new Hoka One One's because my others were starting to wear down and I don't want to be left without my fav shoe!
I started out strong; however, my new shoes being stronger and firmer than my worn down ones puts your body in different position, so I had some tweaks here and there in my knee and calf.  After about 20 minutes, my body got warmed up and was much better.  As I turned the curve and started running up the hill I thought I'm not going to stop until I am over this hill!  Sure enough I made it up and once I turned down the other street I walked about a minute to catch my breath.

Today was about 67 degrees, cloudy sky with chance of showers.  It never rained and the sun actually came out a few minutes, but whoa I can't handle this heat!  Yes, I said its 67, but if you've ever run you know just how hot your body temperature gets and with it hotter it takes a lot out of ya!

I am not sure how I am going to make it through the summer months to be honest, I might have to break my runs up to short runs and run every day.  I'm not sure yet.  Once I got home I soak my feet into ice water to help cool them off and ease my neuropathy down.  This has helped quite a lot actually the last few weeks.

I ended up running 3.80 miles in 47.26 minutes, that was a lot longer than I would have normally, but I walked quite a bit this time.  That is okay because the key here is "I DID IT!"  I got off my duff and worked out and I have been smiling every since!  There's nothing like feeling like you've accomplished something for yourself and working out does it.

So, whatever has been stopping you get up and make your way to the gym or outside for a walk it doesn't matter what just do something!

Did you survive the Easter rush of candy?

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  1. Great job getting out there and just doing it! I also have those kind of days and even though I ALWAYS feel better after exercising I still have to convince myself to do it sometimes.

    Oh, and I have found the joys of ice baths after my runs. Even for someone like me, who just gets general aches and pains form running, it is the best way to recover from runs. I imagine they will become even more important as the temperature continues to rise.

  2. I got up this morning and walked three miles. Sunday is my day that I really try to stay in the fat burning zone and not raise my pulse and breathing to where I miss the zone. My only indulgence today was sugar free lemon pudding. No candy. My daughter bought her own and ate it already. My husband did not have any this year (because I did not buy it). My family wanted a baked ham for dinner. We had it with salad, green beans and cauliflower mash. No dramas - a good day all around.

    Glad to hear your husband is feeling better, too!


  3. @The Learning Curves Blogger Thank you Lynn! Why is it we do this knowing we feel better after our workouts? Weird.

  4. @Jane Cartelli Good for you Jane! No candy here either, but then again no family get togethers makes it easier. :)

  5. Good for you for getting out there. I am dreading the heat of summertime runs too (and agree with you on what is "hot"), but I think we forget that we can condition and train for that too. Our temps jumped out 10 degrees from last weekend to this weekend, so my body was shocked when it was in the 60s at 6:30 am this weekend.

  6. Hi Sheri! I always get your notifications the day after post so sorry I am always late to the game. ;-)

    Yahoo for you for just doing it & being the better for it! You rock Sheri with all you have working against you, you still do it!

    I have feet & other issues right now to & I am modifying to just do it no matter what!

    Glad hubby is better & hope the results of any doc work says the why.


  7. It is ALWAYS worth it to "get off your duff". I been de-duffing a lot more lately. Enjoy your new running shoes!

  8. Just do it! Yep I need to say this to myself because I've been so lazy about exercising lately.

    By surviving the Easter candy, do you mean not eating any? Cause then errrm, no I did not survive. However, I did lose weight this week!

  9. Sounds like those shoes really made a difference. Glad you found the motivation inside to get going and enjoy a great run!

  10. I too need to get some new running shoes as mine is also worn out.
    Great run, Sheri.
    I survived the Easter candy run - had none :)


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