Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dedicated To My Dad

Cody, Dad and our Pongo Boy
When I was a little girl I would always listen for my dad to get up and leave for work in the morning. He didn't know this you see and when he'd pull out of the driveway I would watch him pull away. I had this deep seeded sadness when he left a little afraid something would happen to him. I don't know why I had this fear, but I did.  See Dad traveled a lot for work, so he could be gone days at a time.

Dad was and is a very hard worker. He thrives off his business that he created over 20 years ago on his own. It is he and the world. He has no sick days, he has no one to take over if he needs it. He has a self-driven inner spirit that keeps him going strong. I truly believe this comes from healthy eating and working out.

From the time I was born until today my Dad took pride in his body. Before Mom and Dad got married, he was in the Minor Leagues. He loved sports and being part of it all, it empowered him and gave him confidence he needed to leave his home and to do the things his Mom and Dad could never do. I never understood that empowerment, not until now.

When I was little he would have his own set of weights at the house and when he'd come home he would work out. Sometimes my brother would do it with him. I never touched them. Now I wish I would have worked out with him because the man knows a lot about muscle and health and that would have been some good memories!

Dad was never a sick person a day in his life. Recently he's been getting some bad luck. He has chronic high blood pressure from the genes, also a disease called Hemochromatosis.

These two diseases have wreaked havoc on his body. The high blood pressure caused bleeding behind one of his eyes. To relieve that pressure he had to get a shot of steriods in the back of his eye. Yes, I said a "shot in the eye". I have had some serious out of this world shots before, but nothing would be worse than one in the eyeball. He said to me “Sheri, you have to do whatever it takes to get better.” Touche Papa, you are so right.

I'll take him to his eye appointments and I get rather queezy inside when I know what he's going to have to get done. When I see him walk in the back, I get very protective. I want to go back with him and make sure he's okay. There is that deep fear again.

The Hemochromatosis was so extremely high he had to go get his blood removed by the pints every few weeks in the beginning.  Dad being Dad researched his disease and found what had iron in it and eliminated it from his diet.  Today, he doesn't have to get blood removed anymore and see's his doctor yearly I believe.  Truly remarkable!
Our Lunch Date 11/2010

A few months ago he went to Florida for a few weeks vacation, just he and his doggies Floyd and Mattie two adorable Schnauzer's. Some time while he was down there he hurt his pelvic region severely. Dad never complains, but when I got the phone call he was so miserable. It has continued to plague him severely. When we meet for our bi-weekly lunches on Saturday, he could barely sit in the chair for an hour. It breaks my heart to see my strong Dad this way.

He's gone to Chiropractors and Physical Therapists and no one can help him. I finally told him he needs to see the doctor and get a MRI. He begrudgingly agreed, he hates the doctors and it stems back to what they did to me years ago. However, their here for a reason and most of the doctors can help you when you need them, so he went.

It wasn't good. The doctor who he has been seeing for a while now told him he needs hip replacement. That is not an option in Dad's mind nor mine right now. I told him to go see a Orthopedic Surgeon and he is in a few weeks. I sure hope that it turns out he doesn't have to go through surgery, but he's strong and so am I we will see this through together.

I know what he's going through right now the feelings of torment that you go through mentally. Downing yourself because you have to rely on others and depressed because you can't do the things you once did. I try to help him and I think it helps in a way knowing exactly what I've been through he's been there from the beginning.

Outside our house growing up on our sidewalk, Dad use to take me for little walks. There was a spot on the side walk that I use to play with and it meant a lot to Dad because that was our time together. So, Dad, today when I was running my 5 miles and feeling on top of the world I ran to our old house and took this picture just for you.

This dedication is for you to know 1) your not alone 2) that someone loves you very much and 3) I have come so far on my journey and through patients and not giving up I stand here in my running shoes taking this picture. You too will be back to health in no time, just do what you need to heal yourself. That strong man I know will get through this hurtle too.

Love you, ~Sissy

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