Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Award

Today I got a wonderful surprise from a reader who just found me this morning and she was touched by my story.  Her name is Kate and her blog is Fabulous @ 50. Thank you so much Kate for this lovely award!

They always make me happy because their like little gifts!  Now on with the rules.

1. Post the award and a link to the blogger you received it from.
2. Name 3 things you have found the hardest on your journey.
3. Name 5 things you have enjoyed about your journey.
4. Pass the award on!
5. Notify the bloggers you have given the award to!

The hardest things on my journey are as follows:

1.  Not allowing the scale to dictate who I really am.  I got hung up on the number during weight loss, but it really didn't work on me mentally until maintenance.  I think it was because I was no longer losing weight, so any little pound up would make me think I was fat.

2.  Learn to love who I am.  One of the hardest things for me was to like "me".  All my life I hated what I looked like because I was overweight and I was 6'3".  I got over the height issue when I became an adult, but not the weight.  Once I lost my weight I started having positive thoughts about me and it felt good.  As MizFit says "I am a super hero!".

3.  Accept compliments and truly hear them.  Its weird, when I hear "you look great" or "you have lost so much weight" it made me happy, but I was always unbelieving.  Its taken me 3 years to get out of this mental issue and I am so glad I did because I deserve those compliments I've worked and still work very, very hard to keep my diabetes under control and my weight.

The 5 things I enjoyed on my journey:

1.  Meeting new friends!  I have met so many online friends who I have truly become reliant upon during this weight journey.  We need support during this phase of our lives, my husband and family supports me, but they don't understand because they aren't in my shoes.  The people I have met who were overweight do understand and we share a common bond.

2.  Exercise!  I loved to learn to rely on exercising.  I use to hate it, but now I can't imagine life without doing it.  The reward is mental and physical nothing else can do that.

3.  Shopping!  I love to be able to go into the misses section and grab a medium or large shirt without thinking about if it will fit!  That gets me pumped up even now.

4.  Helping others.  I started this blog to help others who are trying to lose weight, who think they can't do it.  I am proof that you can!

5.  Energy!  I have so much energy and confidence now it has effected my life so positively.

I have trouble listing individual blogs these days because I have so many I follow!

Here's a few new folks that have inspired me in ways I cannot thank enough!

Squat Like A Lady
Bikini or Bust
Angelique Kronebusch Fitness
Running with Perseverance
Workout Nirvana

Thank you again Kate!  I was truly honored!

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  1. Awwww you are so sweet! Thank you =)

    I still have trouble accepting compliments. I'll get comments in the gym and be like, "You're talking to me?!" because I still self-identify with my old self.

  2. Great list, Sheri. Off to check out those blogs:)

  3. @Sable Any time Sable! You've been a huge help in my workout routine!

  4. You so deserve this Sheri! It is a tough journey - no matter how long one has been on it - I can attest to that! ;-) BUT, the learning & acceptance is wonderful! Like you, learning to say thank you to compliments was really really hard for me. Helping others - so cool OR that you don't even know you have helped them & they come up to you or write you to say that you did..

    Congrats Sheri!

  5. Thank you so much Sheri! I've enjoyed your blog as well and love the honesty of your lists. I think we can all relate with them. The thing I love most though is that you've learned to enjoy exercise. This is something that is actually priceless, like learning to eat healthy. It'll add more than years to your life - it'll add immeasurable quality and self confidence. Thank you again - I'll check out your other blog suggestions too :)

  6. @Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana Thank you so much Suzanne for your support and your words! You are truly inspiring!

  7. Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work :)


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