Thursday, April 7, 2011

Am I A Vulture?

Vultures fly in the sky around and around something almost dead or it is dead on the ground waiting for the opportune time to dive in and eat. They are very patient most of the time they circle and circle their prey, but some times they don’t wait and gorge their pray to death.

I got this analogy because anytime someone brings food into the office people hover around the table and look, choose and then devour their choice of food.   When I came in to the office the other morning I heard someone say there were Peppermint Patties for everyone. I made a bee line to that box faster than running to the restroom when necessary. I immediately grabbed two Patties and justified its okay to take. There was no waiting, I grabbed and went back to my desk and put them in my desk drawer.

When I got up to walk a bit, I went past the peppermint patty box and saw half were gone already and thought how amazing it is we have to eat something if its there. We feel this deep seeded need to grab and eat even if we don’t want it.

So far, I have eaten 1 of my Peppermint Patties I was pretty happy with myself for not hogging them down!

Its okay to take something if you really want it, just don’t gulp it down and go for more and certainly don’t hurt anyone to get to it! Haha just kidding! Savor it, hold on to it and show yourself food doesn’t own you, you own it and have power over it. You can make good choices and still eat what you want in your weight loss journey.

What have you grabbed lately?

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  1. I can't say that I have grabbed something lately because I am rarely in situations like these. But do agree with you that it is ok to grab some food, just don't gulp it up. I do agree with that point you made.

  2. I know this well....I remember being the one to get to the buffet table first...what if I got there and all the food was gone...

    I also saw Blackhuff's post on this sort of situation.

    Thanks for the message on my blog...I do take care and will continue to _ Promise.
    I never had much carbs in my diet besides the muesli and sweet potato...from time to time, wholewheat pasta and a roll over the my body is used to not having carbs for fuel...

  3. Sheri, I so understand this. I lived it earlier in my "dieting" life. But the central point is key - yes, we can have our treats here & there, just not everywhere! ;-) But the point is, make it worth it. I have a scale of 1-10 & when I have my treats, they pretty much have to be a 10. If I try something new for a treat & it is not a 10, I don't eat it. I stop. I want to make it worth it. This is just me - others are looser about it but the point is don't just eat to eat or because it is there.

    Congrats Sheri! You done good!

  4. Oh I could so see myself as the vulture! I have not had peppermint patties in ages but I like them because they are tasty but the mint keeps me from being able to eat too much. Yum. IMO a relatively healthy candy choice:)

  5. I've done the vulture thing >>grimace<< The very imagery of being a vulture helped me kick the behavior to the curb. Now I remove myself from that situation immediately. Unlike many lucky people, I cannot still eat what I want just because it is there. I lost that dubious right when I crossed the line into food addiction.
    Today that is okay. I accept the truth about me. Knowing what those foods will do to my thinking and eventually to my body helps me not to want them - for the most part. When I want stuff anyway I seek help from others who understand that behavior will hurt me and together we talk it out. The disease inside my head is strong in secret but amazingly, it loses it's power when I expose it's schemes to another compulsive overeater and food addict.

    Kudos to you for not devouring them or going back for more.


  6. Jelly Beans and licorice and the things I grab when they are readily available. They are both dangerous for me because I justify that they are okay to eat because they are fat free. Whatever fat free does not mean calorie free or sugar-free. Not devouring them right away shows so much control on your part. I am striving for that kind of strength. Listening to how you work through events like this is so helpful to me. Have a fantastic week!


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