Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What, You Threw Those Out!?

This morning after I woke up I go out turn on the lights in the kitchen like every morning and take out the coffee filter with the used coffee grounds in it from the day before. I open the trash can and dump in the grounds, but wait I see something familiar, something golden and cheezy like, something I would never throw out in a million years. 

Oh my gosh! Cheez-its at the bottom of the trash can! ACK! Why would he throw out his Cheez-its!? He only had a few in a bowl the night before surely he could have eaten all of them?? I would never do that, I couldn't do that wait why couldn't I do that I have control over what I eat now right? Yes, but I am still addicted to food and do not always have the strength to throw out what I do not need, but my husband can.

Wow! It was like a ton of bricks hitting me at 5 AM before my coffee was even made this is where I want to be in my journey.

Can you throw out food that is on your plate when you know you have eaten plenty and are full?

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  1. Sometimes I too find myself finishing off my plate even though I know that I am full because just like you, I too am still addicted to food. I do have times where I don't finish my plate after I'm full but there are times when I finish it when I know so well that I am full. I too want to be at that place where your husband is. To stop when i'm full

  2. I struggle to throw food away as well....but when the mood hits me...everything goes!!!!!

  3. Sheri, I so understand this cause I used to just eat the pate clean & even if I was not hungry, it did not matter.

    Luckily I am in a place now when I can stop & either put the remainder back or throw. In fact, on cookie treat day. if I buy a cookie I am not familiar with & don't like it enough for the calories involved PLUS it is my treat, I just give it to someone else or throw. It has to be worth it.

    It is hard to get to that place where we can throw it or put it back.. I do understand!

  4. Sometimes I can, but most of the time I don't. My hubby, on the other hand, is like yours. He'll leave bits of sandwiches, etc. I guess they know when they've had enough.

  5. Nope! Definitely something I'm trying to work on. I try to tell myself if I'm not hungry anymore I don't *need* to finish the plate. But it's hard. And sometimes I'll stop eating but won't put the food away so a little later I just eat the rest anyway! :S

  6. Yes. But that is different than my snacking. Food that is rarely on a plate. But sometimes I have actually gone and tossed that too. Usually I am tossing the box after I have finished the serving or two or three.

  7. I am totally guilty of this. When I started my fitness journey the last week of January, I threw out a cupboard worth of food. (Well, gave it away.) It was hard, but necessary!

    Sorry about the death of your Cheez-Its. :(


  8. Yes, I now can throw away food on my plate when I'm full. Actually, I try to only fill my plate with what I'll eat so I don't waste. However, this is only with "regular" food. If it's chocolate cake, there's no throwing it out! Yup, still need some work!


  9. I try to serve myself correct portions, so I tend to clean my plate at home, but at restaurants I try not to clean my plate. It used to be hard for me not to finish what my kids left on their plates, especially the PB & J crusts . . . .

    A few times after going overboard with snack food, I have taken whatever is left outside to the dumpster - no chance of being rescued from there.


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