Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Does Food Do For Me?

This question was posed in the latest Shrink Yourself blog this week. I really struggle to think about an answer. I know a few things it does for me.
  • Excitement of the expectation of eating it
  • Temporary satisfaction
  • Temporary happiness
  • Helps boredom
  • Entertains me at work
Then reality sets in and these feelings come rushing in once I am done eating my binges.
  • Guilt
  • Self-loathing
  • High blood sugars
  • How much weight will I gain?
  • Lack of positive attitude which usually affects the rest of my day negatively.
You'd think with all of this I would never want to eat a lot again, but it doesn't happen that way. Our bodies do not protect us against ourselves. It protects us against all kinds of sicknesses, it repairs itself when injured and it even tells our bodies to shut down with a fever when it needs to fight.

Its in our hands and only ours. We can't blame anyone, but ourselves when we gain weight.  I do believe some things make it harder to lose.  I was told by my own doctor that insulin I take for my Type 1 Diabetes will make you gain weight.  Guess what?  I lost my weight regardless of the doctor telling me this negative information.  You can do it!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

What does food do for you? Why do you think you have such a hard time controlling how much you eat in a day? If you don't, what is it you focus on?

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  1. Food does the same things for me as you; the boredom, filling me up when I'm hungry, etc. The one thing that it does for me that makes it difficult to control is that it relaxes me, stress-wise. So I have to find other outlets for coping with stress. I think our bodies do try to protect us from ourselves - like feeling too full, but we unfortunately have chosen to ignore it in the past and push on. No more. I'm going to listen to my body.

  2. This is something I need to think more about. I have realized in the last couple of weeks I am an unconscious eater. I go to the pantry or fridge and pick something up to satisfy what? I don't even know. I am usually not hungry, bored, depressed or even happy. It's like I have been experimenting, thinking "hey I can do this without any help from anything or anyone". NOT TRUE!!! Planning usually helps me avoid this unconscious eating. Therefor I will be reverting to old behaviors (this is usually a bad thing right?). I will be tracking food intake and calories burned because I know that is what makes me successful. You could not be more right in saying we have no one to blame but ourselves so it has to be me that fixes it. In this process I will be exploring what food does for me and whether I can get that desire or need satisfied by doing something else.

  3. @Rachael Oh the most important thing you can do for yourself Rachael is to know what your eating! Once I hit maintenance I signed up to Livestrong/Daily Plate and it was a godsend. It taught me what portion control was outside of Nutrisystem and how much calories I was eating.

  4. Great perspective!

    Right now, for me food
    - fuels my body and my brain.
    - is an adventure in cooking.
    - requires lots of planning.

  5. Hi Sheri! I don't eat too much anymore although occasionally I may eat more treat cookies over the weekend than I plan for but not enough to do damage. I guess I just don't even want to go back to the feelings I had when I was heavy AND I have come too far, accomplished too much AND especially at my age, it is too hard to get it off! ;-)

    So as you talk about your diabetes, the same thing happens with age & hormones but I keep fighting it!!!

    Don't forget that I am sharing your post at my place tomorrow!! Also, I usually don't get notification of your posts till Monday morn but I just happened to stop by here tonight!

  6. Food to me is sometimes a thing which make me feel better but also momentarily. Otherwise food to me is to re-fuel my body after exercise and to feed the muscles. Food to me usually are to keep me alive and I concentrate these days to be just that and so that I don't live to eat anymore.
    What helps me focus not to over eat? My determination to not get back to 273lbs again in my life. That place I never want to be at again.

  7. @Jody - Fit at 53 I am so in awe of you Jody able to only eat your sweets on the weekend! I am lucky to just stick with them at night for my snack.

  8. @blackhuff What a great transformation in thinking! Your doing a great job!

  9. This is interesting. I know I eat to cover pain or frustration or stress, but I can honestly say that I don't ever feel guilty about it. Maybe I've just been doing it too long and have become numb? Like when a heart is hardened to sin, and you no longer even feel the prick of your conscience? It is true though that I don't like the effects of being overweight.

  10. @Pretty Pauline I love what you said about our hearts being hardened to sin, that is a great hypothesis!


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