Thursday, March 17, 2011

Take Back Your LIfe!

This past weekend I went to the Lab to get my blood work taken for the third time since losing my weight.  It was for my Diabetes 6 month checkup.  Yes, I said 6 months not 3 months I convinced my doctor that I don't need to come every 3 months like I once did since losing weight.

To be honest I was a little concerned that my A1C could be higher this time.  I haven't felt all that positive regarding my weight loss journey.  Why?  I have found myself eating more lately and catching my blood sugar at times too high.

So, I am so happy to report that I was so wrong!  My A1C came back perfect for a Diabetic 6.4 only .2 up from last time.  I'll take it!  The rest of my blood work, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Folic Acid, B12 and a slew of others were all perfect!  I finally convinced him to let me get off the Medtronics Insulin Pump, and just take shots when I need them.  He was leary at this when I brought it up to him the last 2 visits, but I have proven to him I am not going to be stupid NO MORE with my health.

I am telling you this because even if you don't have Diabetes you can take control of your blood work numbers by living a healthy lifestyle.  Its so important to get any extra weight off your body!  They weren't designed to hold all that weight, not if you want to be healthy.

Its never to late to take back your life!  Start today a new health regiment and get out and walk!  Its the easiest exercise to get started and it really works just check this blog post out by my friend Diane over at Fit to Finish!  There's no going to the gym, no aggressive movements just walk out your front door with good walking shoes and start walking!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm always glad to find new blogs of people on similar journeys. Congratulations on your blood work, it's always good to get actual confirmation that we're doing okay.

  2. @Andrew(ajh) Hi Andrew! I am glad I found you too. I am always in search for inspiration!

    Yes, blood work does not lie like my scale does. ;)

  3. I am so happy for you that your bloodwork is so good and you are so right in saying that you can take control of daibetes with a healthy lifestyle. So happy for you and have a good weekend :)

  4. I plan to have all my blood checked as well, with other things as well like iron, Vit D levels and a few I have no idea where I am.
    GREAT news that you are all good...and I can imagine your fear before having test done...I also worry each time I have an MRI as I pray there are no new lesions on my brain...and each time I've been there has been a new one....

    Keeping healthy and light training is so important...some people can do it, like Diane and others gain and lose all their life, never having mastered it.

  5. Sheri, this is such wonderful news & the way you take control & handle your life now is so inspirational! I am using that last post about your journey Monday on my blog per your OK.. I hope that is still fine AND I think I will link to this post as well.

    You are showing them Sheri! Good for you!

  6. Making the decision to take back your life is so important. It is great to hear about the blood work, it shows that every step you have taken and all the sacrifices you have made are paying off. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. :-)

  7. Certainly one of the things I love about you is that you remind all of us that we have the power to take control of our own health. Excuses are my pet peeve and your journey is a testament to the fact that one CAN change their future!!


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