Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Friendships

I started blogging regularly back in 2009 after losing my weight and have really met some marvelous friends out in the blogger world!  I have a favorite blogger section in my Google Reader and one of those is Treadmill Truth by Rachael.  I had such a wonderful surprise this morning when I read her blog award post to find that she has given me this award due to the fact I've inspired her in some way.  Let me tell you, that is why I am here!  I love to write, but mainly I want to help others succeed in their weight loss journeys.

So, part of this ritual in blog world is when you get an award you have to list a few things about yourself that no one knows.  Well, my personal info is limited here in the internet world, so I won't go to far on this and please excuse me if I repeat a few from my last blog award post.

  • I am now an avid exerciser!  After 2 years of maintaining my weight and exercising, I love to run and lift weights!  I never thought in my life I'd be that person, but I am now.
  • I love dogs.  I use to be a cat person had them all my life until Pongo came into our lives back in 1998.  We lost him for 3 days in one of our nature parks back in 2005, and we got him back.  I always believed he was our miracle doggie.  I miss him so much, we had to put him down last September he was very sick and he was 13 years old.
  • My favorite color is red!  I have a red BMW, I have red hair not real and a red FT7 Polar watch.  

That's all I have this time around, hopefully its enough.  Now, on to passing this award onto other fellow bloggers.  I have so many favorites, and I don't mean to leave anyone out.

Rita at FitBlogger

I hope this little award helps you in continuing inspiring others!

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  1. I think I have always hated red because of being a red head myself!

  2. Thanks for pointing out these blogs, Sheri. More reading material. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi, Sheri - thank you for visiting my blog. It's nice to "meet" you, too. I've just watched your video and that's quite a story you have to tell. Congratulations on losing the weight (you look great) and maintaining it. I know I'll enjoy reading your posts.
    Have a super weekend.

  4. Always love reading these posts & learning more. A red BMW! You would fit in perfect here in southern CA! ;-)

  5. Thank you so much!! :) You have had such an amazing journey. And I'm a dog person too, I love all animals but dogs are definitely my thing!

  6. THANKS SO SO MUCH FOR THE BLOGGER really touched as I know you read so many blogs...
    Love that you like running and weights...LIKE ME!! :)
    and the color RED, means someone with lots of confidence,thats really awesome indeed.

  7. It's so nice to make friends via blogging and the internet. And it is so true what she says, you are such an inspiration.

  8. Sheri~you are such a wonderful person, fantastic motivator and a great friend. Because of you, I decided to get back into blogging and discover more about myself. As an added bonus, I've become closer to you and found even more friends out here in blogland.

    Keep doing what you're doing because it works!!

  9. Well hello fellow red head. I have a family full of redheads, husband, 2 sons and me. Rare and wonderful. My first polar watch was also red, I was disappointed when I upgraded because my knew one did not come in red. I hope you never stop blogging because your whole journey has inspired me. I loved reading where you came from. So amazing!

  10. @The Learning Curves Blogger Oh wow Lynn! Thank you!! I feel the same toward you. I am so glad we met at Nutrisystem!

  11. @Rachael Well hello there!!! I love red, its sassy and as my friend Marcy stated it shows confidence which I now have! Thank you so much for your words toward me Rachael I am so glad we met up!

  12. Hi Sheri, I used to be a cat lover, also, and now I'm into my three rascal doggies whom I love the most! It's always nice to know that people get inspired by other people to become fit and become conscious about their health. :)


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