Monday, February 7, 2011

The Weekend Run

Yesterday, I decided to run until I couldn't go no more. I hear all around other bloggers talking about long runs and how good they feel. My husband an ultra marathoner loves long runs, so I thought I'd give it a try.

For those of you who have been following me know that I finally ran my first 3.1 miles without having to stop and walk last week. I was so excited I have no words to describe it.

The excitement, exhilaration, power, strength, endurance that all comes from running is and can be addicting! I love it, great addiction if you ask me! Better than eating all the time.

So, the roads weren't great after coming off an ice storm this week, but they were clear enough I felt I'd be safe. Thankfully I was right, no falling! I also decided to change my route up a bit, being quite anal about my workout routines that was tough. I was so turned around I didn't know how fast I should be or would have been going. I am not one who really cares about speed, not yet anyway. I am just thrilled to be able to run!

So, today I ran 4.19 miles in 51:58 minutes! I was elated with being able to run over a mile longer without stopping. I dressed with to many layers on for today's run, I had my hat and gloves off by the time I was half way through. Its amazing how sweaty hot you can get in the winter time running!

I am anxiously waiting for my new Polar FT7 Fitness Heart Rate monitor (I got the red one of course). It should be delivered tomorrow, so that way I have knowledge of just how much my heart is pumping and burning fat!

My husband also told me to read this book called “The Runner's Body” by Jonathon Dugas. I recommend anyone about to run or is running to buy this book. It goes into everything you need to know what your body will go through as a runner. I'm only ½ through, but I've learned so much already! You will learn just how brilliant our bodies have been built. Its truly remarkable.

You don't have to run to accomplish your goals, this is my dream and this is what I want to do! What do you want to do to achieve your goals?


  1. You go Sheri! Love that you conquered!!!! :-)

    My "what I want to do" thing is way too complicated to write about here.... sometimes I am not even sure what it is! ;-)

  2. Congratulations! That is a HUGE accomplishment! I guess I better step it up cuz I look lazy now!

    My running goal right now is to run the Rock N Roll Marathon San Diego in Jun, as you know. In the next month I hope to doing an 8 mile long run.

  3. @Jody - Fit at 53 Thank you so much Jody! That's okay, I know what you love to do and so do I! Love, love, love weights and how they make me and my body feel!

  4. @The Learning Curves Blogger Thank you Lynn!!! Ah, you could never be lazy you are Super Woman Kettlebeller! ;)

    I can't wait to hear how you do in your marathon!

  5. Wow! That is awesome! It is amazing what happens when we stop thinking and just do (run). I love my Polar heart rate monitor it is so motivating to see my time and calories burned. I can't run so I live vicariously through others who can. Thanks! :-)

  6. @Rachael Hey Rachel!! I can't wait to use mine tonight! I couldn't run for a long time, its a miracle that I actually can now. There are tons of other things, cycling was my number 1 cardio prior to running.

  7. Hi Sheri. Great post today on Fitblogger! To achieve my goals, right now I want to eat mindfully to get in the best shape of my life and continue the nice balance of cardio and strength at the gym.

  8. @Shira Thanks Shira!!! Sounds like a great plan you have going! Keep up the great work!

  9. That's a good run. I'm writing this comment past this date. You've run even better since. And it is nice to have the encouragement of a marathoner husband!

    I don't run (bum knee) but I LOVE fitness books that make our bodies seem brilliant and remarkable. They are very inspirational. That is one of the main reasons why people need to read fitness BOOKS sometimes, not just shorter articles. They get into the nooks and crannies of fitness like nothing else. :-) Marion


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