Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Glamour in Fitness

You know when you see commercials of people running in Central Park or down the street and they look so put together?  Don't let that fool ya, it isn't true! 

What you don't see is the snot dripping out my nose and the sweat pouring down my scalp.  It truly amazing how this exercise wipes all stress away.  I might have been thinking or worrying about something at work beforehand, but it has completely disappeared.

I love the fact I am in true form here, there is not a hair style here, there is no lipstick its me giving all I got for fitness and health.  This is me without my glasses on after a 3.1 mile run in 21 degree temperature.

Look got my new watch!  I love how true the numbers are since it knew my exact heart rate the entire time.  I didn't even know the heart strap was wrapped around my chest!   That right there is a miracle in itself.  The last time I wore one of these it barely fit around my chest.  My husband had to make the strap as wide as it goes to get it around me and it was so tight I couldn't get through the workout without wanting it off.  Just another reason why I am so happy to have gotten my weight off!

My husband said I should be above 140 pulse during my workouts, so last night I definitely made that goal!

I let the watch keep ticking after the run because I wanted to see how quickly my pulse went back to normal, so my time isn't right.  I completed my run in 35:10 that is important for a runner, why I don't know except you want to always have a good time.  That gets on my nerves too why I am like that, I would prefer not caring how long it took me.  Any ideas how to do that?

My Hoka One One's I love them so much!  No pain in these neuropathy feet because of these shoes!

Last, but not least here's where it all starts, my drive way.  Today is 13 degrees and it won't be getting any higher, so I am glad its my rest day.

Whatever you do, give it your all don't rip yourself off and do a half-a** workout.

Have any pure workouts lately?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Love this Sheri & in that weather too! You are amazing!!!! I look like crap after a workout. I am a major sweater so it is like something the cat drug out of the pool & home! :-)

    How is the forefoot padding in those shoes. I am having major issues with those dang pads of my feet that we women lose the padding as we age. No probs with my heel.. just that front padding.. UGH, I ate age! ;-)

    Great going Sheri!

  2. @Jody - Fit at 53 Thanks Jody! Isn't it a wonderful feeling of success though? :)

    These shoes are awesome all the way around! I totally recommend them if your looking. It adds almost 2 inches to your height, so now I am standing at 6' 5". hehe

  3. I like this post. It is so true. One do look like crap after a good workout and not glamorous like in the ads. That is fake.
    Thank you for sharing this

  4. @blackhuff Thanks Blackhuff! Its pure and true fitness at its best.

  5. You know, I alwasy thought as hard as I worked I didn't sweat much, not sure why but didn't. Lose 48 lbs and now I sweat like a pig and feel so awesome when I'm jogging or biking and I have to wipe off.
    I have a question for anyone, maybe you can answer me. When I'm riding the bike my feet go to sleep. My butt too. Not always my butt but always my feet. Any ideas? I am not a bike rider but I joined a Triathlon at my gym and I have to ride 112 miles, I have something like 66 or so left. How can I make this easier (I don't mean work wise, I mean feet wise)?
    Anyways, take care and have a blessed evening.

  6. @JulieNothing like our body going against us on our workouts. When I ride the road bike for a period of time, my fingers go completely numb. The doctors say because of the positioning of my hands. I guess bikers are prone to it.

    I would have to think your positioning of your seat needs adjusted. Maybe its too low? I hope you can work it out because your doing such a fantastic job!!

  7. I love this post. I finished spinning last week & swung by my parents house on the way home-dripping with sweat, hair still wet. My mothers first comment "Did you go swimming?" Her second "How come you're so wet?"

    :) Duh, mom. I love the woman, but she too feels as though workouts must be something glamorous that barely raise your heart rate, let alone make you sweat.

    Have a great day!



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