Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life Is What You Make Of It

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Finished Run, time 58:21, 5.05 miles, average 11:33, 738 calories, 923 feet elevation. 
I started out on the idea of just go as far as you can and don't push yourself. When I say push yourself, I mean don't do intervals. Just run at your usual pace and go until your body tells you your done. 
Prior to going for my run today, I wasn't feeling all that good. I considered not running. I have been under a lot of pressure at work recently and we all know what that can do to a person's stress level. Then I said to myself, the worst thing you can do for your health is NOT run.
My blood sugar after lunch before run

We are raised to think its best to “rest” when one isn't feeling all that up to par or when we are just tired. Well, I have to ask you, when was the last time sitting and doing nothing made you feel any better??  Sometimes yes, it feels great, but to be honest I can handle only so much of it.

I am a new runner as most of you know, and I have to say there's nothing like the after run affects!

Today I didn't feel like I could go all that far, but once again my body surprised me. I ended up back in my old neighborhood when I was a child growing up. It was so neat! I use to dream of running down the street from my friend, Angie's house to my old house with no pain. I never in my wildest dreams would think I could run from my current house to Angie's and down to my old one and back!!!

The hills were the steepest yet for me. I didn't think I would make it back up the monster Marshall Road. I had a nice surprise though, my husband showed up in his truck after his cycling today. He found me and got out on his bike and rode next to me for a bit. He was cheering me on and giving me all kinds of compliments. Gotta love that!

So, as we went back to where he left his truck the hill was on its way. When I turned the corner I couldn't see the road as it turned upward. I started to really have doubts, but why? I had already gone 3 miles and I am running my same pace each mile! 

As I started to climb, I felt pretty good other than my heart coming out of my chest. My Polar FT7 watch beeped at me telling me I've past my highest beats per minute. I slowed down to a walk for a few seconds. Once my heart rate went back down, I started up again.

I felt rather good at this point. The worst about running is the traffic and having to stop at intersections because that throws you completely off your rhythm.

Once I past the stop lights I was back in my neck of the woods. I started feeling the strain in my knees, achilles and quads. I slowed it down, but kept going.

I made it home under an hour and ran 5.03 miles! I was thrilled with my time, my performance and the mileage.

The funny thing is, it was 53 degrees when I started out. I had taken off my long sleeve shirt and gave it to my husband to take home. I was boiling! 

Look at the sweat coming off me and it isn't even summer yet. Oh boy!

I hope I can inspire you to exercise to take up some form of cardio if you haven't already because as I sit here I feel completely awesome! No stress, no feeling blah, no sick feeling, no tiredness, not hungry, a sense of worth and huge accomplishment a great aura and best of all my blood sugar is normal.

My blood sugar after my run

Life is what we make of it, don't let it pass you up. Remember if you don't use it, you will lose it and the older we get the harder life will become for us physically.

What are you doing for yourself to prepare for your future health?

Excerpts from The Motivational Girl are protected by copyright and used here by permission of The Motivational Girl, 2011.


  1. I love runs like that...the ones that take you by surprise and make you say "oh, THIS is why I keep running, for days like this". You inspire me with your rapid progress, especially since you feel great!

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only do I love what you did & how you challenged yourself but I so loved what your hubby did! That is one great guy!!! I am one to use my workouts as a stress reliever so that is a take away for you too! Get rid of stress by working it out! :-)

    Love the closing comment too.. and YES, it does get harder the older we get! UGH! ;-)

    PS: I can't believe how tall you are.... me at only 5'1"!

    You rock Sheri!

  3. I used to think I might try running again but with the increase in my walking and elliptical workouts I already "feel" my feet and knees. Sigh. I think I'd be smart to avoid the higher impact.

  4. Oh yeah, sitting around makes you feel better - NOT! Well, unless you have a cold and even then slight movement will help. Life is what you make of it - for sure.

  5. You had such a good run...thats awesome. I too find I get too hot with my winter running gear ~ you ran 8km's in a great time....well done.

  6. @Jody - Fit at 53 He is wonderful Jody! Its those little things he does that make me love him so. Their better than any gift he could give me.

    Aging is tough, its a shame we have to get old. :(

  7. @KarenYou never know what life will bring Karen, keep doing what your doing and see where you are as you get stronger.

  8. @~ Darla ~ Right, if I am sick then that is all I usually do. :)

  9. @Marcelle Thank you Marcelle! It was your last run that inspired me to try a little harder. :)

  10. Sheri - That is so awesome! I know the feeling that when I don't feel good the last think I want to do is exercise. I have found that when I have a headache it is always gone after a good cardio session. So I completely agree that we use how we feel as excuses and need to "suck it up". 5 Miles is so cool, I can't even imagine it! Like I have said before I can't run so I will live vicariously through others. For my future health I have been trying to look past my excuses questioning whether they are real or just me trying to get out of exercising. Have a great day! :-)

  11. @RachaelThanks Rachael! Not everyone is cut out to run; I use to think I was one of those people, but glad I was wrong.

    Our bodies change for the better after losing our weight. So, wait to see when your completed and you mind surprise yourself like I did.

  12. I agree with you. Running makes one feel powerful, stress free and so good. This is exactly what running do for me too and that is why I continue with it :)
    Great for you for doing so good on running. You are such an inspiration.

  13. @blackhuff Thank you Blackhuff! Its really amazing there is no other exercise that does that too me, nothing.

  14. Sheri, thanks for your comment in my blog today.
    Was diagnosed with MS a year ago in DEC....but since my first symptoms I am symptoms free.
    I stopped eating Aspartame filled foods as was told while in hospital that its VERY bad for the body and my diet was filled with Aspartame as I only ate fat free and diet products...which is so bad for you, but I never knew this.
    I am eating Tosca's Clean eating program and taking the correct vits like VIT D as coming from Africa to Europe I wasn't getting enough...and that also is bad for MS and many other Cancers.
    I have learned so much on this journey.
    Neurologist wanted me to start MS medication last year OCT, my last visit ( they found new lesion on my brain ) but I have refused as feeling good, if they never told me I had MS, I would never know...and like living that way...

  15. @Marcelle Oh my gosh Marcelle, that is an unbelievable story! I have had some friends that developed MS and it has not turned out well.

    But like with Diabetes some diseases can be contained if you eat well and exercise. We are living proof!!

  16. Glad your run included a trip down memory lane.:) To prepare myself for future health, I'm really working on my nutrition these days, cutting back on sugar and dairy intake.

  17. @Shira That's a good plan Shira! Cutting back on sugar is so hard for me. Some days no problem while others UGH!


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