Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get a Grip!

Get a grip!  Your probably wondering, what is she talking about?  Well I will tell you!

Those of you who have either just lost your weight or are in the process of losing weight probably haven't experienced this just yet. This one is a Maintainer curse in my humble opinion.

This thought cycle came from my friend Michele over at Healthy Cultivations.  Here's what Michele said:
“Everything you now do is something you have chosen to do. Some people don’t want to believe that… To change your life, you need to change your priorities.” — John C. Maxwell

I think a lot about choice. Sometimes, we’re quick to ridicule ourselves over past choices when we think about accepting full responsibility for our current situations. But I challenge myself and you to turn that around. Instead of lamenting past, poor choices, praise yourself for making better choices today. This applies in every situation —- food, exercise, relationships, work, you name it. We can go through a lifetime not really paying attention; so, if you’re paying attention today, praise yourself for that. Just keep moving ahead, and keep making the next right choice.
My response to her post:
I am trying to remember to be nice to myself and remember how far I've come over the last 3 years. Its easy to get really down on myself when I mess up and then I get myself into a bad place and have to crawl out. I just need to remember the choices I make that are "bad" are actually good choices considering what I use to do. Thanks for the reminder!
Michele's reply to me:
Oh, yes!! You said it well: the choices I make that are “bad” are actually good choices considering what I use to do. Sheri, that's exactly right. Not always easy to remember, but I always say, "It's better to look at how far we've come than to think about how far we have to go."Excerpts from Healthy Cultivations are protected by copyright and used here by permission of Healthy Cultivations, 2011.

This made me think about all the good I do for my body and health every day. It reminded me how far I have come in the last 3 years and that I need to be good to myself. So what if I indulged on an extra Weight Watcher desert one night or an extra Vitatop or two!  

I've accomplished more the last 3 years than my entire life! I've gotten my Type 1 Diabetes so in control that I can go without my Insulin Pump a few days, which is unheard of they say. I can run with Neuropathy in my feet and I can look in the mirror and see muscles where there were none before ever!

Get a grip I say and really think about the positive you have done over span of your journey of maintaining your weight loss and/or health goals. Don't punish yourself because you mess up on occasion, praise yourself for choosing the right foods when you do mess up!

What do you need to get a grip on?


  1. Nicely put! It seems like focusing on the negative is so prevalent in our society. Whether it's a letter we write to a company who has made us mad or a "gripe session" we have with our girlfriends (which has some benefits) or the news we watch (which makes it look like there is NO good in the world). Rarely do we bother to send out praises. I do a lot of work for our customer service department and we are 50 times more likely to hear a complaint from a customer then to hear one good thing from those that we've bent over backwards it's not surprising that this rolls over into our own self-talk.

    It's a hard thing to learn to do but the benefits are immeasurable. I think it can really make the difference between sticking with it and giving up!

  2. I need to get a grip on not focusing too far ahead. The fact that it's going to take a long time to lose 100 pounds can be pretty daunting! So I'm trying not to let that stop me.

  3. @Lynn~The Learning Curves Blog You are so right Lynn! Its hard to escape negativity in todays world when we are surrounded by information and news. I guess its our job to find the good and positive in it.

  4. @Pretty Pauline Hi Pauline! Thanks for stopping by! Don't give up no matter what! I know it seems like a long task and it can be, but take it one day at a time. It took me 6 months to lose my 52 pounds. It actually went pretty fast because of all the new experiences I was feeling throughout. Keep going!

  5. YUP, it is all about choices we make Sheri! You should be very proud!

    You have read these quotes over at my place & I love the first one!

    Success is in the sum of small efforts repeated day in & day out – Robert Collier

    “Every mouthful contributes to the betterment of your fitness, health & physique.”

    It is about priorities & if getting healthy is more important to us than whatever food one puts in their mouth that hinders that. Now, saying that, we all can enjoy here & there & we sometimes have "an emotional eating" time but the key is to get past it & move on.

  6. @Jody - Fit at 53 I love that second quote Jody! Thanks for all your words of encouragement!

  7. Sheri, what is wonderful about your blogs and others I follow is that it serves as a great reminder that healthy living is a journey, and it is okay to stop, savor the scenery and appreciate how far we've come. Congrats on all that you have accomplished over the past three years - especially on getting your diabetes under control. So proud of you!

  8. @Shira Thank you Shira!! Ah, I really appreciate your words. Its been a tough journey, what a whirlwind, but I love what I've got now.


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