Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beat the Winter Blues

The last few days have been tough to get through here in the Midwest with ice, snow and harsh winds. I have been on a roller coaster mentally happy to sad, to feelings of out of control to proud of my control.

I don't know if its because of the winter and lack of sun or if its just how things are right now. I am finding myself in a rut this week too with writing and reading other blogs. Is it possible you just get burned out and just need a break?

What about our weight loss journey that we started? Do you think you can get burned out before getting to goal or what about once you are there how do you keep it alive?

I guess for me I want being healthy and fit more than the foods I gave up. Although I am going through some weird stuff right now and munching on stuff I shouldn't. I have that knowledge of why I lost my weight to fall back on and it will be that determination that gets me out of the doldrums.

My word of advice to you is to know why you are trying to lose weight or maintain that loss because its going to have to help you one of these days to get you out your own the winter blues.


  1. This is a great message! Very important to think about what you are learning as you lose as a way to keep you steady in maintenance.

  2. Sheri, there is SAD, seasonal affective disorder when people don't get enough light or sun due to the bad weather.. have you heard of ti. Charlotte from The Great Fitness Experiment uses a special light box thing... lots of people have it.

    Like you, I want to be fit & healthy more than the food that makes me fat BUT also, I find things to do that keep me motivated & I change up my routine too keep me intersted.... yes, weights & cardio in the gym but others can find whatever floats their boat to keep them engaged! :-)

  3. Yep - burnout happens. Both with the healthy lifestyle and with blogging.

  4. @Jody - Fit at 53 Yes I heard of it. The funny thing is I never was like this before not until this past year when my husband and I started riding outdoors. That is why I run outside, just to be out in it.

  5. Sheri - Thanks for visiting my blog so I could be introduced to yours. I am new to the blogging community and can definitely see where burnout might come from. I have found that with my blogging I am so much more aware of my thoughts and feelings. It is so nice to see so many people with the same issues as well as successes. Your blog is great keep writing. :-)

  6. @Rachael Thank you very much Rachel! I love to write, just sometimes I over burden myself and it shouldn't be that way. This is therapy to me. :)

    I look forward to visiting your blog more!


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