Saturday, January 8, 2011

Portion Control

My husband and I went to a restaurant called Mimi's Cafe not to long ago. They have pretty good food, and they have a "fit" menu. I was so excited to see that this restaurant actually had a menu for us health conscious people with calories!

However, my husband does not worry about counting calories he has always been a fit and thin person. He orders from the regular menu and one of the things that come with the meals are bread of your choosing. He chose a blueberry muffin, I mean how harmful can that be right? Check out what came to the table...

Look at the size of this muffin!! I use to not think twice about things like this, I would have scarfed this muffin down without thinking twice about it. The sad thing is I would have thought I was "watching what I ate".

Portion control today is so foreign in today's American society. Nutrisystem taught me exactly the right size I needed to eat and I strive to still eat those portion sizes. Granted sometimes I do not, which causes havoc on my maintenance.

Now, I always order regular Ranch Dressing when I am out to eat. Why? Because I never pour dressing on my salad. I always dip my fork in and then eat. I might use 2 tablespoons if that at dinner.

Here's a picture of what Mimi's served me that day...

I about died when this came, I asked the waitress, "do people really pour all of this on their salad?" she answered "yes". UGH!!! There is 194 calories in 2 oz. of Mimi's ranch dressing with 20 grams of fat!! That is just horrible, what they laid down in front of me was probably 8 oz of dressing!!

So word of warning, just because the waiter or waitress puts something down in front of you doesn't mean you have to eat it. If there's any question in your mind, skip it.


  1. These kind of reminders are always worthwhile, especially when there are so many people just starting to learn about portion-control.

  2. Restaurant portions are out of control! I can't remember the last time I got dressing put on my salad.

  3. That muffin is unreal. What's so scary about muffins is that even though we think they're "healthy" or "normal breakfast food," and really they're either the size of your head or like small cakes.

  4. That is so true. You have to be ever diligent!

  5. It is a world of HUGE portions. Actually most muffins are not good for you unless you make healthy ones yourself along with many of the other muffins & such they bring to the table the size of a head! ;-) Ya really have to be careful & if you are not in a state that has the nutrition stats available, get online before you go out. a rude awakening & the sodium levels are out of this world along with the calories & fat. Craziness!

    Good for you Sheri for paying attention!

  6. Hi there,
    Just wanted to know you are now listed on fitblogs! Thank you for your application. We look forward to keeping up with your blog.

  7. It's not just in the USA that portion control is foreign. No. Here in SA (South Africa) you also get muffins that big and plates which is so big that it actually contains 3 servings on one plate. But people do eat that much food without thinking and that I also used to do. People is uneducated about how much fat, calories and sugar food contains and that is why they don't think twice about eating the whole plate, muffin or all of the salad dressing.

  8. Hello

    Good Day Nice work here,I really like what your saying.Good luck.


  9. Portion control is out of control :-)

    That is what I use as my primary way of doing the math.

    Nice new web site look, Sheri!!

  10. @Dr. J Dr. J! So good to see you again! Thanks for stopping by and for your words on my website.

  11. I have seen that muffin before at Mimi's Cafe - its about the size of a small bowling ball. Thanks for the reminder to remain diligent and pay attention to what they are putting in front of you at restaurants!


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