Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music or No Music

I've been working out now for over 2 years consistently and one thing I really struggle with is working out with no music. UGH! Talk about no motivation or energy to make it through a tough workout.

Well, the other day I had an epiphany while running my 3.1 miles. I was so excited and calm during this run I was able to make it almost the whole way without stopping and walking! Woohoo! Making progress! Anyways I digress, my right ear started bothering me due to my head phones. They are very snug in the ear, so I took it out. I still had one left in my other ear.

Well as I was running, I love saying that by the way I never thought I'd ever say those words. Anyway, I started listening to my breathing and all the squishy sounds from the snow under my feet. I found it to be a very energizing listening to the sounds of nature and hearing the noises I am making. That probably sounds weird, but you have to understand I love my loud music, but this time without it blaring in both ears I kind of liked it.

I can't say I'll run without my music, but I now know I can do it and actually enjoy it. One thing running does is it puts you in a trance. When you start to get better and the longer you can run, the more calm I get and happier. I totally recommend it if you haven't tried it yet. The key is not to over train so you don't get hurt. Thankfully my husband is an ultra marathoner so I have a great coach, he's been through it all!

What about you? Do you prefer music or no music when you workout?


  1. Absolutely - running do place one in a trance. I find that too. I completely zone out when running. I just concentrate on the running and nothing else. It's quite nice if one think about it. Because it clears the head :)
    I'm happy for you that you feel so happy about being able to run. Good for you

  2. @blackhuff Thank you blackhuff! It feels great to do something you weren't able to before due to chronic pain.

    Keep up the great work, your doing great!

  3. I never just work out without something to distract me. At the gym I am in classes with music. At home I watch TV.

  4. I just started running a few weeks ago. I am really loving it. I have been running only on a treadmill because I have not had such good luck this season with all of the winter stuff (broke my arm). The last two nights, I either ran during a really good song, or during commercials. I am really proud of myself because I can run for 3 minutes straight! (that is way more than I have ever done in my life!)

  5. @Auntie Mandy Ouch! Sorry you fell and broke your arm. I run outside all the time and so far I've been lucky.

    Keep up the great work Mandy!

  6. @KarenMe too! But outside was totally different for me; however, I doubt if I'll put down my ear phones.

  7. In the gym, got to have my shuffle & listen to music during the cardio for sure & I am looking at the TV at the same time. Weights, I like it but sometimes I get so into my weights that I don't even hear it.. I don't need it for weights but I always have it on.

    My outside run, I just feel I need to hear if anyone or anything might be coming at me so I do not wear ear buds or listen to music BUT it does allow me to listen to nature since I am running before the traffic & more people get out...

  8. @Jody - Fit at 53 Since my husband made me my own workout room I blare the music when lifting weights its awesome! But at the gym I don't usually listen when pumping weights. I agree with the outside running.

  9. Sheri, that's a great milestone! With the exception of pilates, I still need music to get me through cardio and strength workouts. Nice that you had such a zen experience with the silence. :)


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