Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keep Going No Matter What - Don't Give Up on Yourself!

The last few months I noticed a nasty trend in my eating habits. I started eating out more not fast food, I haven't touched the stuff since 2008; however, dinners out, lunches and those calories of the unknown add up quickly.

The Holidays were not good for me either. I ate without thinking first and grabbing food when I wasn't really hungry. image
Here's what happens to me, once I give into that "it is okay" speech in my head; it doesn't stop! That my friends you have to judge yourself. Will you allow the possibility of a bad trend to occur like me by eating what you want on more than just special occasions or will you decide its not ever worth it?

I have been logging my food intake since 1/09 in the Livestrong website well the other day after I weighed myself I was so disappointed to see the number on the scale I needed to talk to my husband about it. So, he came up with exporting my Daily Plate data from Livestrong and do an average over a 2 month span of now to first part of last year.

It showed that I was eating more and burning less calories. Now remind you, I work out 5 days a week. You'd think that would be enough, but it isn't. Friends, listen to me, "you cannot lose weight if you eat more than you burn". I know you hear that over and over again, but it is true. We don't want to believe that we aren't pushing ourselves enough, I know I don't.

What this did is open my eyes to the cold hard truth. I've got to get back to working out hard or cut down on my daily intake. I've chosen to do both. Yes, that is right, both.

It would be very good for me as a Diabetic to have as minimal fat on my body as possible. My first Endocrinologist told me that I should look like my "stick" husband. Yes, he said stick, he was there in the office with me. I chuckled because that means I'd need to weigh 150 pounds and I'm 6'3!  Granted so is my husband, but it looks good on him.

Well, its time to challenge myself once again. I lost 52 pounds and have maintained 47 of it for 2 years. Now its time to start again! I have my BBB (big brown box) from Nutrisystem on its way.

The last few days I have really have done well with my eating choices and workouts. Yesterday I went out and ran, still walk some, 3.1 miles came in and decided to hop on my Cannondale for 30 minutes for 8.52 miles.  Tonight I rode my bike on the trainer for 61 minutes 16+ miles.  

How are you going to handle when the scale starts to creep up? Will you keep that trend going or will you do something about it?


  1. It's hard to remember that as we lose, we need less fuel. Ah ha moment! Right this minute! Ack! that is why I have been fighting with the same 5 pounds for over 2 months! When I get down to my lowest, the same workouts are not doing anything more for me! HAHA! Thank you!

  2. @Auntie Mandy I found that the longer I went away from the discipline of losing, the lazier I got with discipline. Its a catch 22 really. If we want something bad enough, we will do something about it.

  3. You said it yourself Sheri, you can't eat anything you want AND you can't eat more & exercise less AND you can't eat more even if you are exercising IF you are eating more calories than you are burning off AND you can gain weight on healthy foods too if you eat too much.

    All studies show that long term weight loss & maintenance is tied to changes in both food choices AND exercise.

    I think you are doing the right thing!

    Me, that is why I weight myself AND check a certain pair of pants regularly - not going to let it get past 3-5 pounds. I know I tend to go up & down but if it keeps going up past this range.. I know I best get real! I actually usually don't let it get to 5 pounds as I am short!

  4. Well in the past I let it creep! Wish I hadn't. But I am on track again too:)

  5. It really does take constant vigilence doesn't it. It's easy to let a few pounds or a few extra snacks slip in without really being aware of it. Good for you on catching it early.

  6. I love this post. You are right that you have to keep going no matter what. It seems that maintenance requires as much effort and vigilence as weight loss does.

  7. @Mary :: A Merry Life Thank you Mary!! Yes it does! Maintenance is frankly boring your not losing so its not exciting to go and do the shopping for smaller clothes where your at is usually it. Haha...well for me I plan on losing some so maybe I'll see that size 8, who knows.

  8. You ask, "How are you going to handle when the scale starts to creep up?" I'm going to stay off the scale... JUST KIDDING. I too had to face January overeating and face that I am not getting enough cardio. I like your motivational post and will be back everytime you post a new one. This is my year: I win. (Well, I lose, too - all the excess weight.)

  9. @LBDDiariesActually I found that staying off the scale helped me in maintenance, but also hurt me so find a happy medium.

    I'm here for you!

  10. I went over to this Livestrong website you mentioned in your post. I rather like this website. Also registered and now also will be tracking my food and exercise on it. Very cool indeed.
    Good luck with the exercising again and controlling your calorie intake again.


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