Monday, January 31, 2011

My Pet Peeve

Have you heard Suzanne Somer's latest commercial?  She states the following:

Suzanne's Tip of the Week

If you're over 40, you need more than a diet. Find out why you can't lose weight. Take my quiz above to discover the hidden obstacles preventing you from losing weight.
I'm sorry, but this really got me mad!  Another reason why this country is overweight and unhealthy is due to people like this stating we can't lose weight because of this or that.

Just last week I discussed how its no one's fault we are overweight, but our own in my post on emotional eating.

I know the hardest thing to accept is it is my fault when I was overweight.  The easiest thing for me to do was to blame my Diabetes or my Hypo-Thyroid disease.  It wasn't until I changed my lifestyle by portion control, changing my eating habits and exercise when I started to lose weight.

I haven't read Suzanne Somer's book it probably has a lot of good ideas, but just hearing her say "you can't lose weight" triggered a lot of anger in me that I had to write about.

Don't listen to this kind of talk!  You CAN lose weight I'm proof of it and so are all the millions of people you can find out here in the blog world.  Just take a look at some of my chosen blogs in my blog list on my website.  Their stories are amazing and they did lose weight!

Now for my part of trying to win the giveaway at Harbinger Fitness:

 Harbinger Fitness, leader in fitness accessories since 1988.: Win a Harbinger Fitness Kit!: "Another new year rolls around and millions of people are resolving to make this the year they really amp up their fitness routine. ..."
I'm trying to win a giveaway over at my friends website Truth2BeingFit.   One of the stipulations is to post their Giveaway on your blog.  Usually I don't bother because I never win anything and then I said "you never win anything cause you don't try".  So I am trying!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I posted this earlier but I think it "went away"! Just commending you on this post. You are so right on! It is harder after 40 but of course you can lose weight. You did! People do it every day!

  2. Sheri, I agree! Yes, it is definitely harder as we age & also to maintain, but we can do it with hard work! Suzanne does have some great ideas but she also goes way crazy on some things. She also takes about a million pills a day - I saw her a few years back on this... most of us don't have the money to even try what she does! If I had it, I would be all over the bioidentical hormones & the couple Los Angeles based experts in this field... also known as a couple of the countries experts.

    Great post & you are showing them that is can be done!

  3. Yeah I agree, Sheri! That kind of information is useless and harmful. She does have great thighs though :-)

  4. @Jody - Fit at 53 Yes, its definitely harder don't get me wrong. The stigma of losing weight is so negative these days and that makes me sad now that I know the truth.

  5. Weight-loss ads on TV are sooo Crazy-Making and silly! That one sounds especially ridiculous. Glad to have found your blog!


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