Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Let Diabetes Take Your Vision

WebMD had an article recently sent to me called "Don't Let Diabetes Take Your Vision" and it made me want to share another part of my story with you.

Before I knew I had Type 1 Diabetes, I never worried about death, loss of limbs, loss of vision, chronic pain or kidney failure. I took my health for granted and I stand here today asking God to forgive me.

The body that was given to us to have on this earth was built to endure so much.   We punish it so much and break it down to the point of disease and illness because of the way we eat and drink.  

No, I didn't get Type 1 diabetes because I ate poorly that isn't how it works for that type.  However, because I ate so poorly it became a monster inside and started destroying parts of my body slowly.

Around the year 2000, I started noticing my vision blurring up. I thought this is ridiculous, my eyes must need better prescription.

I went to the optometrist a non-medical doctor for the eye, someone who works at Eye Mart. She said after checking my eye that I have a tear duct closed and that I should put a warm wash cloth on it 3 times a day. She also suggested that I stop putting moisturizer on my eye lids because this can soak into the eye and cause blurriness.  So I did what she said, and it never helped.

Well, you know my story already, if you don't just click on the “My Story” tab up top and check it out. Once I found out I had Diabetes and I got my A1C under control, this blurriness went away. I couldn't believe I was so close in possibly losing my eyesight!

If you notice anything strange, like nausea, blurry vision, severe fatigue after eating or feet pain, severe thirst go to the doctor and ask that he/she test you for Diabetes. Make sure its the A1C test, its the only accurate one. It measures 3 months average of your blood sugar, amazing our bodies can keep that kind of record isn't it?!

Have you experienced any odd sicknesses or pain and have the doctor tell you its nothing, but it is?


  1. Diabetes is a scary thing and I am happy that you are hammering on this subject because it IS important.

  2. @blackhuff I just wish I could get it through to people.

  3. My dad's vision was affected by diabetes, but he got really lucky when surgery for cataracts corrected the worst of the problem. *fingers crossed it stays that way*

    My worst experience so far is my primary care doctor misdiagnosing alopecia as a fungal infection. The treatment caused no harm, but it delayed me in seeking the proper treatment and as a result, it has taken over a year for one of my bald spots to begin to fill in.I'm very fortunate it wasn't something serious!

  4. @CammyI don't understand why Doctor's do not take the time to sit and listen to their patients before misdiagnosing them. If they weren't in such a big hurry, maybe they'd caught our issues in time for treatment. Glad your okay!

  5. I'm glad to have read about your story. I'm really moved by it. My dad has diabetes (type 2) and is almost blind from retinopathy. Surgery to try to help his vision caused a stroke about 6 mos ago and he just got out of the hospital for several additional problems. He won't be able to live on his own much longer (he's 72). He is very stubborn and has controlled his blood sugar very poorly for 25 yrs and is now suffering the terrible results. I appreciate you talking about this serious issue and I hope and pray you continue to do as well as it sounds like you have been.

  6. @Heather Heather thank you so much for coming by and leaving your thoughts about your Dad. I'm so sorry that he is in such bad health. Diabetes is a killer it can be fast or it can be slow. Its a continual battle, no one has a cure so the best we can do is to work our hardest to get it under control before its too late. Thank you for your prayers and I hope to hear from you again soon!


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