Friday, December 3, 2010

What is Dieting?

Well, I can tell you what it is thought of today, and it shouldn't be. It’s not a pill that will melt the pounds away, it’s not a special 7 day menu where all you eat is a special soup or fruit, it’s not sacrificing one food group over another, and it shouldn't be thought of as temporary nor a quick fix to lose weight.

Today's terminology of a diet is misleading and insulting to me. As someone who has struggled all her life from being overweight and trapped into thinking it was my fault, I was unable to lose weight because I didn't have the will power to “diet”. It’s not about the “diet”. It’s about you and what you are willing to give up and to take control over.

Back in 2008, I chose to try a diet plan that was easy, one that “I” could do and see where my body took me. Nutrisystem was my plan of choice that was life changing, it taught me how I should eat and what is enough to survive on, and a daily dose article that motivated me with inspiration daily. What this did for me was train me and teach me a new way of life. It was scary at first, but that was only for a short period until I trained myself on how to eat, what portion sizes to eat and introducing vegetables, fruit and water into my daily life.

My lifestyle began to change and I lost weight more importantly, I have been able to keep it off for this long.

A diet is temporary, and you know that it’s not going to work, especially if your not willing to change your lifestyle.  Its hard work, but the rewards are phenomenal! My life and quality of it have remarkably changed. You can see that by reading my story and all the things I write about in this blog.

Don't go into a new weight loss journey thinking, “I'm going to lose this weight in a month, or even two months then I can eat my favorite foods again” because you can never be off your plan! You will always have to continue on with the new lifestyle you made for yourself to stay healthy and trim.

Get out of the quick fix mindset. We aren't a fast food restaurant, and our bodies deserve much more!

~The Motivational Girl~


  1. YUP, it has to be a lifestyle change. a long term life plan.. and yes, it may change along the way BUT you can't go in thinking that once you lose the weight, you can go back to eating like before.. that is the prob with the word "diet". People look at it as going on something to lose weight & then off something.

    For me, when I went to lose weight, I knew from the beginning that I would never be able to get back to eating the way I had because that is what made me fat to begin with...

  2. I saw your last comment on Jody's blog and felt like I wrote it. I can't wait to follow your blog now.

    A diet is temporary is so true.

  3. It has taken me years of yo-yo dieting to realize this. The lifestyle thing.

  4. Thanks for the extra dose of motivation and inspiration this holiday season, Sheri! We wish you the best and look forward to continuing this journey with you!:)


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