Monday, December 27, 2010

Weathered the Storm

Well, I made it through Christmas without binging and indulging to terribly.  I remember the days when I didn't think about what I was eating, having no accountability to myself and I'd eat whatever I wanted when I wanted; not this time!

My Mom cooked low fat dinners and lunches while my sister-in-law baked low fat deserts!  I was thrilled to pieces!  I didn't feel guilty after eating a little more than I should have I knew I would be back home soon enough to get back on my eating schedule.

I was proud of myself yesterday because I weathered the snow and ran 3 miles in it.  It would have been so easy not to workout while on vacation, but I would have been really down on myself.  So, its done for another year and time to get back on schedule!

~The Motivational Girl~

What did you do on your vacation that made you proud of yourself?


  1. Congrats! Even though I don't have the same temptations as a lot of people do, I did manage to get in over 16 miles in 4 days when I didn't really wanna!

  2. Way to go Sheri! Sounds like you were right on plan anyway!

  3. @Auntie Mandy Wow, 16 miles!! That is great Mandy! Sounds like you are a very focused person, good for you!

  4. @Jody - Fit at 53 Thanks Jody, I certainly tried, but to be honest not as hard as the last 2 Christmas's. I have more confidence in myself now and know I'll always return to the healthy eating and fitness regimen.

  5. I am proud for only going overboard with sugar and not with all foods. I'm proud for being more reflective and analytical and understanding of myself this year. It's a very good feeling.

  6. What made me proud through the holiday season is that I did not gain nearly as much weight as in the past through this time of year. Instead I ate healthy, had 3 or 4 treats (not 3-4 a day like in the past) and still exercised throughout this time. That is what made me proud this holiday season :)


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