Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 Bites … Then What?

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed my resolve for eating junk has been slipping.  Yes, I know its that time of year, but you know what I don't want to give myself that excuse.  Its just to hard to get back to basics and frankly not worth it. 

People here at work would bring in so many deserts and holiday foods to share, none being good for you.   One day I’d fight the desire to eat whatever it is and win by not eating it, then the next day I found myself grabbing 4 of those tiny chocolate chip cookies.

Well yesterday I started logging my food again and I found I went over 75 calories of my allotted 1500 daily.  I was okay with that, so today I said lets do it again!  Let’s have another grab less day.

This morning around 8:15AM, someone brought in my favorite donuts in the world from Bill’s Donuts Shop.  UGH!!!  Now mind you donuts have never been tempting for me the last 2 years of maintenance, but today is not the same as yesterday. 

After I saw them, I went and sat back down at my desk and started chomping on sugar free gum.  I forgot about those donuts for awhile, but I had to go past them again and the good ones were gone.  I thought I was home free, but I grabbed a glazed donut and sunk my teeth into it.  Oh my gosh, it was delicious!   My inner voice was screaming at me just like it has been the last couple of weeks telling me not to eat it, but like all the other times I ignored it.  However, my little voice said on the third bite, stop now, chew what is left and really taste it…do you want any more?  Is it really worth the calories?  I immediately threw the donut into the trash can (yes, it was covered and it was the community trash) just to make certain. 

I walked away with a proud moment, yes, this is the Sheri I want to have around not the one that grabbed and ate without thinking.

What have you done today that you would like to share?


  1. Now that is one strong woman! Teeth already biting in to the donut and still able to stop. My eating (not eating) accomplishment of the day was to make chocolate tea this afternoon when I really wanted to snack.

  2. @Karen Great job Karen! That is the best way to do it avoid the temptation all together. :)

  3. Loved this Sheri! You know, when I go for my cookie treat, I usually get ones I know I like. Every once in a while I try a new one BUT if I don't like it, I don't finish it just because I bought it. It really has to be worth the calories & fat for me to keep it as my treat!:-)

  4. So proud of you that after the third bite of donut, you stopped. That is such an inspiration. Well done Sheri.
    What did I do today that made me proud? Today was my first day without a sweet treat since I ate a treat every day for the last week.


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