Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Accomplishment from the Boss

I had to share this with you, its such an "at a girl!"

As I was sitting at work, I received an IM (instant message) from my boss stating the following:

Boss: I was getting my OOO (out of office) spreadsheet ready for 2011 and noticed that you were only out 4.0 hours in 2010 for Sick time.

Boss: That is amazing how much you have improved your health...congratulations!

What you don't know is what was said to me back in 2008 before I lost my weight. Basically the jest of it was, if I continued taking so much time off for being sick we'd have to come "up" with something. 

It wasn't as if I wanted to be sick, Diabetes doesn't care what you want it will slowly kill you.

The proof is in the eating, if your a Diabetic its time to get on the healthy band wagon before its too late!


  1. Well it's nice of him to notice. How bout a damn raise?! lol

  2. Congratulations on taking control of your health... and improving your personal and professional life in the process.

  3. How great is that Sheri! Congrats & I know you will keep up the healthy habits always! Happy 2011!


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