Monday, November 1, 2010

Turning Point

About 2 weeks ago I came to a breaking point mentally. I was so focused on the number of the scale that I totally denied myself the pleasure of everyday life that I was given in this new body.

What I mean by that is I would hate myself for eating a little too much one day and love myself the next for being “perfect” all because of a number on the scale. I felt lost, I felt like I really didn't lose 60 pounds and that I was still fat. I wasn't happy with myself, but all things pointed to me that I'm lying to myself because I AM SKINNY, my blood sugar IS under control and I am physically FIT!

I guess I'm telling you this because my advice to you if your losing weight is not to get hung up on a number. You should set a goal and reach it, but don't obsess over it. Learn to love the body your now in and enjoy every minute of it.

I still weigh weekly, but I do not log my weight it in the forums anymore and discuss it. For me its best to enjoy who I am and where I am today. Yes, if I that number really goes up I will address it, but this is called maintenance and to maintain is to learn to live as this new thin person without any hatred toward myself just because one week the number went up. Living a life on edge isn't what I need, this is hard enough why make it any harder on myself?

~The Motivational Girl~


  1. Hey there Sheri! Great to see your new awesome blog! I LOVE it and will be commenting often!
    I too took a step back from the scale and have felt MUCH better about myself and my life! WOW, it's truly amazing!!
    Thanks for inviting me!

  2. Hi, Sherita!

    Will be visiting often. Thanks for contributing.


  3. I love your blog! I totally agree with everything you're saying, and I find comfort in seeing other success stories that think like I do, even tho I have not reached goal yet. Loved the scale thing. Loved the cinnamon dulce latte thing, too!

    Keep on writing!


  4. Thank you friends for your encouraging words of support!

    I look forward from hearing more from you!


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