Sunday, August 1, 2010

Running Affirms and Celebrates Life

“Running affirms and celebrates life. That's what the victory is all about”. ~Runnergrrl
I met Runnergrrl on Twitter the other day, and we both were on the same mindset about fitness. She just finished the Boston Marathon, and I was totally inspired to write about what she discovered.
Think about what she said above: “running affirms and celebrates life”. You don't have to run to achieve this self-satisfaction. Trust me because I can't run, but I get this feeling every time I get on the bike and ride hard for 20 miles or going to the gym and pushing my body to work out. When you start taking care of yourself, the rewards are tremendous! Life begins at any age, once you experience this satisfying feeling of doing something for yourself.
We all know how important fitness is to losing weight, but I think we focus on it in the wrong way. Fitness is another way to experience life. It gives you the ability to feel strong, to feel confident, to feel happy and to feel energetic! WOW! Who doesn't want this feeling? Well, I didn't when I was overweight because I didn't know about it, nor did I have the desire to try something new.

I hid behind my overweight body, being self-defeated and telling myself “oh I can't do that; I've got neuropathy” or “I can't do that; it will hurt my back”. Trust me when I say, “I was wrong”! Exercise is about getting stronger and about being able to use your body as God intended it. Yes, it took time to build up to where I am now. I've been doing this for almost 2 years and just now feeling stronger.  Americans have ruined their bodies to the point of developing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, depression, early onset of arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the list can go on, because we don't take care of it like we should. Our bodies are like machines, and any machine needs care, or its going to stop working.

Make a change now by taking baby steps and build on those. You will be so much happier knowing you are doing something positive for yourself.

~The Motivational Girl~

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