Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Down One to Go

Now that Thanksgiving is over we have one more holiday to face and that is Christmas.  Here is where you reflect on how you did at Thanksgiving and try to make mental changes before Christmas.

For me, I did "okay", but not as good as I'd liked.  I failed when I was alone and hungry; I went out to the kitchen and ate extra desserts.  Oh my goodness, the pumpkin pie was very good and its been so long.  I forgot what real home cooking tasted like!

When I come back to Mom's at Christmas, I will try to put two things into play 1) exercise and 2) keep the snacking in check!

Just because the food is open and available, doesn't mean I have to eat it!  

Let me know how you did!  Just click on the comments link and type!

~The Motivational Girl~


  1. Well, no get together here so did not have to worry but have one tomorrow, Sunday. I am not worried. I like to eat the healthy stuff & plan for a treat. :-) It is the weekend which is my treat cookie time anyway so I will have a cookie or two! Plan to NOT bring home anything that I can say not to but hubby will get some stuff & we like different things, thank goodness! :-)

  2. Great plan Jody! I know I plan a treat a day, sometimes I lax and give into two. :)

    Enjoy your visit today!


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