Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Before losing my weight, I use to know what I looked like and accepted it even though I hated it.  Now, however, I can look in the mirror one minute and think "cool, I am thin" then the next minute I'm lost back in the mind of a fat girl.

Has this ever happened to you?  What have you done to help eliminate these thoughts?  Something that helps me is taking pictures of myself working out.  I am always shocked at how buff I really look and trim because that is not the Sheri I see in my mind.

It always is a blessed thing to hear others compliments like my brother at Thanksgiving said "your so skinny now if you turn I can't see you".  I was so delighted to hear this, I thanked him and told him how much I love him.  However, that never convinces me of anything until I visually see myself in a mirror.
Few Weeks Ago

Here are a few pics I took at the gym while riding the bike, I advise trying it out you might be surprised at what you see looking back at you.

~The Motivational Girl~


  1. You do look thin! Looks like you are working hard! YES!

    Like you, I often see in the mirror things others do not.. I doubt I will ever get over this. Yes, sometimes I like what I see & other times I still see that fat girl from way back when & other times I see a person to muscular.. craziness! I think it comes with the territory! ;-)

  2. Thanks Jody!! I appreciate your words!

    It is craziness how one minute we are content and happy with ourselves and the next doubting and sometimes miserable.


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