Thursday, July 1, 2010

When "New" Becomes "Old"

Its been a long time since writing anything, I haven't really felt like it to be honest sometimes the new becomes old.

The newness of losing weight and motivation that comes with it can get old. The challenge is to keep the excitement up and the knowledge of knowing every day you have to make the right decisions to make it work.

My goal is to never gain my weight back, and for me to complete this goal I have to daily think about what I'm going to eat and make a conscious decision before putting it in my mouth. I also have to pump myself up to exercise when I'm not “feeling like it”.

When you lose your weight, its not over my friends. You have to go through a lot of “self examination” to dig deep down and find the answers you need to continue with maintenance. You will find that you have to change how you eat, what you eat because your body will stop burning and you'll gain a few pounds. It can be discouraging because your doing everything right.

However, don't give up!!! Stick with it, make small changes just like exercising. You can't do the same workout every time your body needs changes to keep burning those calories.

Hang tough because nothing is better than being thin!

~The Motivational Girl~

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